Why Dog Owners Are Officially Happier than Cat Owners

It’s something that we’ve known for a while at Dog School Ltd, but now it’s finally official! Dog owners are happier than cat owners.

That’s not to say that if you own a feline friend then you’re miserable, and we’re not really sure how a household with both cats and dogs fares, but in terms of how happy man’s best friends make their owners, there’s nothing that beats having a pet pooch!

The study indicates that pet owners were more satisfied with life than non-owners, which was also true more so among dog owners than cat owners.

Here are some of the wonderful ways that dogs make us happy on a daily basis!

They Always Shower You With Love

Even if you go on a brief trip to the shop in the car and are gone no more than 5 minutes, you’ll come home to an excitable fluffy friend that just can’t control how happy they are to see you now you’ve returned.

There’s even evidence from a small-scale study that dogs do actually love their owners. The ‘feel-good’ hormone, oxytocin, rises by around 40-50% when humans see a child or a spouse.

In studies of dogs, there oxytocin levels rise by a whopping 57.2% when they have spent 10 minutes playing with their owners!

They’re the Perfect Alarm System

Although barking at the postman is frowned upon, to say the least, having a hound that’s alert if there’s someone scouting around the house is a sure way to make you feel happier in your own home.

It also saves you having to change your doorbell batteries if you’ve been meaning to get to it!

They’ll Warm Your Bed Up for You

There’s nothing worse in the drab months that we call winter than getting into a chilly bed. But according to those who let their dog sleep in the bed with them, they feel a lot safer and secure, leading to a better night’s rest.

Although if you have a pooch that snores, we understand if they’re more likely to interrupt your sleeping habits!

If you adore your pooch but don’t have the time or mobility to give them the exercise that they need, you don’t have to make them go without! We offer dog walking services in Sutton to ensure that your furry best friend gets out and about as much as he or she needs to.

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