Why does the dog’s tail wag?


Everybody loves to see their dog’s tail wag because they assume that their pooch is happy, especially if you are dog walking in Croydon. Unfortunately this is merely a misconception and the dog’s tail is much more of a communication tool as well as serving its original purpose to aid the dogs balance. Wouldn’t it be easier if they could talk!

So how can you tell as a dog lover how your pooch is actually feeling from the state of its tail? Two main things to look out for when your dog is trying to tell you something is which direction the tail is pointing and the speed of the wag.

The Wags

If you find your dogs tail wagging high and back at a fast pace, you can be sure that your beloved pet is in its happy place. That kind of happy place when you step through the door from work; or grab the lead out to go on a walk.

Some breeds of dogs have a tendency to be nosy, and you will be able to tell when it is trying to be sneaky when it’s holding its tail horizontal to the ground. Sherlock style.

When a dog is frightened or finds itself being submissive the tail will be kept tucked between its hind legs. Also look at the rest of your dog’s body language to see what would be best to do for them in this situation.

Your dog is worried or insecure and how are you to know? Well, the tail will be wagging low, often slowly to indicate this; a perfect time to make your dog feel safe with a cuddle.

Your dog’s tail is like a smile, sometimes uncontrollable, sometimes it has to be thought about, but it’s a true indicator of communication and emotion. All this and more as your dogs tail is used to spread the pooch’s unique scent from the anal glands. The tail really is more than a happy indicator!

Now you know what your dog is trying to tell you, one step closer to talking! It’s time to get that tail wagging happy and have your dog walking in Croydon with Dog School. Contact us for all your dog training needs and we will be more than happy to help.