Why does my dog…? Five more canine habits explained!

There’s so many unusual things that dogs do that make them dogs! While we can laugh at these funny quirks, it does make you wonder, why on earth do they do that? At Dog School based in Croydon, we’ve seen everything. There’s not much that surprises us about our furry friends anymore.

Recently we explained five peculiar canine habits, but there are more! Here’s five other behaviours, and what they mean, to help you understand just what makes man’s best friend tick.

Why does my dog… follow me everywhere?

It’s possible they may be suffering from separation anxiety. After all, you are their one and only, and where you are, they like to be. Dogs crave security and safe spaces, and that includes being at your side.

Why does my dog… run in its sleep?

This is a mild disorder that shows that the REM sleep patterns and brain waves are reaching out to the larger muscle groups in their body. They are likely having a lovely dream where they are chasing and playing.

Why does my dog… lick everything, even me?

It’s likely a wonderful sign of affection. Besides, you taste good! Dogs want to show you just how much you matter. And licking is an important part of canine culture. However, excessive licking might also be a sign of something else.

Why does my dog… stare at me?

It’s not called ‘puppy eyes’ for nothing. Dogs have large, expressive eyes to help communicate. Like humans, non-verbal messages are sent via the eyes. What’s the message though? It could be anything from affection and adoration to a request for some play. Whatever you think it is, it is almost certainly going to be about the pizza you’re eating…

Why does my dog… sneeze when excited?

They’re not allergic to fun. This sneeze sends a signal they’re relaxed and happy, posing no threat. Some dogs sneeze when playing to show that it’s having fun.

Understanding canine behaviour is an essential part of great training, so if you have any questions about your dog’s habits or would like to know more about our dog school and training services, please contact us.