Which Dog Breed is Best for an Apartment?

When you live in a flat or apartment, it’s not the size of the dog that’s important, but the temperament. The following breeds are all good-natured, loving dogs, making them ideal for apartment living so long as you exercise them once a day. Here’s our shortlist of best breeds for flat dwellers.

Best for low exercise: Boston terrier

These handsome little dogs need very little exercise and have the added bonus of needing very little grooming. With a polite and gentle temperament, they’re known colloquially as ‘the American gentleman’ and are extremely loving, highly intelligent small dogs.


Best for peace and quiet: English bulldog

The English bulldog is the original low maintenance pet. They require little exercise and grooming and would rather laze on the sofa than bother to bark at anything or anyone. There’s a good reason the bulldog remains one of our most popular breeds – it’s their easy going nature and huge loyalty to their owners.


Best for families: Yorkshire terrier

There are so many small dogs that are great around children, good with other pets and easy to live with, but the Yorkshire terrier edges it for attitude, intelligence and sheer good fun.

Best for allergies: Maltese

The Maltese may look like a puffball, but that coat is all for show. Keep them clipped and they’re incredibly low maintenance and great for allergy sufferers – they hardly shed, yet love to be pampered.


Best for a single person: Greyhound

Despite their size, greyhounds are the perfect dog for the busy flat dweller who is out at work all day. Most greyhounds are ex-race dogs, and are already used to being left alone in kennels for hours at a time. All they need is a quick spin around the park when you get home from work, which is good for dog and owner.

Whatever breed you choose, all dogs benefit from being trained and at Dog School Ltd we’re experts at helping you to get the best out of your canine companion. Just contact us and we’ll be happy to help.