What To Do With Your Dog While On Holiday

With the summer holidays now in full swing, thousands of Brits will be heading to sunnier climes to enjoy their much needed summer breaks. But when travelling abroad, people often worry about what to do with their dogs, especially when leaving them for the first time. Although this can cause a lot of anxiety for both pet and owner, there are a number of options available for you.

  • Kennels

Although many people worry about leaving their pets with strangers for a prolonged period of time, people who run kennels are generally animal lovers with a good amount of space in which the dogs can get all the exercise they need. Facilities at kennels tend to vary, but there are many more upmarket dog boarding places springing up all over the country. You should ensure that, before sending your dog to kennels, that they are properly socialised and can handle being around other dogs; that they won’t have any major behavioural issues and that, if they do, you make the owner of the kennels or dedicated caregiver aware of them before you leave.

  • Pet Passports

For those of you who can’t bear the thought of leaving your pets whilst you are on holiday, you can always apply for a passport so that you can take them with you. Recent changes in legislation have made it much easier to take pets abroad, and they are now able to freely travel across borders within the European Union without lengthy stays in quarantine. Make sure that you choose accommodation that is pet friendly, and that your dog can cope with the climate of the country you are heading to.

  • Pet Sitters

There are many professional pet sitters out there who will be more than happy to watch your pet for you while you are away on holiday. Hiring a pet sitter will mean that your dog will get all the exercise he needs with the added bonus of being looked after in the comfort of your own home. This is particularly beneficial for dogs who have behavioural problems and who don’t interact well with other dogs. When hiring a pet sitter, ensure that they come with good references and that they can be trusted before you grant them access to your home.

If you have any queries surrounding behavioural issues and what to do with your pet when you are away from home, our dog training in Surrey, Croydon and Sutton will enable you to ensure that your pet is happy, contented and safe when you are away from them and help them to overcome problems with anxiety, socialisation and aggression.