As professional dog walkers in Croydon, we are passionate about getting your dogs out, about and active. In summer, with the weather at least attempting to behave, Mother Nature gives you little glimpses of promise meaning you can leave the raincoat and umbrella at home and give your furry friend a run out. However, all the will power and enthusiasm in the world is no good if you don’t have a destination. We’d like to help you treat your little buddy to a walk they’ll never forget.

Sydenham Hill Woods

Situated in South East London, this wood will keep both you and your dog entertained. There’s plenty to explore for nature lovers. Home to over 200 species of trees, Sydenham Hill Woods is a nature reserve, home to a range of woodland birds, bats and mice. Your dog will have the time of their life sprinting around the trees, with plenty for them to get their nose in and investigate.

Epsom & District Dog Walking Group

For those who enjoy company on their walkies, there are dog walking groups available online. These groups reach out for like minded dog owners to socialise with as well as providing four-legged friends for your four-legged friend to hang out with. This particular group looks at walking around Epsom and the Epsom District and is arranged by their local RSPCA branch. They have recently started holding Sunday walks (the dates of which are available on the site) where walkers share their favourite walks and venture to dog-friendly restaurants and pubs.

Victoria Park

Admittedly a little more out of the way than Sydenham Hill Woods and Epsom, Victoria Park is worth the journey. Having received a makeover for the London 2012 Olympics, Victoria Park is looking fantastic. As such the park plays temporary playground to a whole range of hounds, with plenty of paths to explore for you and your hairy companion; the water fountain is a particularly nice spot to sit and relax while your dog sniffs out adventure.

Abney Park, Stoke Newington

Like Victoria Park, Abney Park is an hour away from Croydon, however the whole round journey would make an excellent Sunday out. Abney Park has many places to explore for your dog and makes for a fairly spooky stroll. The park houses one of London’s Magnificent Seven Garden Cemeteries which, since its classification in 1840, is now a headstone-graveyard of crumbling statues and ivy. Either way, for both human and canine there is something to explore.

Thames Walk

As a dog owner living in the London area, this may well have been already undertaken, but it’s worth a revisit. Follow the Thames and take in the sights of London while your dog takes in the smells. Lined with numerous dog-friendly pubs, the Thames walk is entertainment for dogs and owners alike, with The Black Lion a particularly pretty, dog-friendly pub. As with Abney Park, the Thames walk would make a great all day adventure for you and your buddy to undertake.

With summer upon us, make sure you are looking after your pet. It’s important to be aware of the signs of heat exhaustion as well as keeping them cool and hydrated. Take a look at our previous blog about how to care for your pooch in the summer heat before you venture out for an elongated stroll as your dog will start to notice the heat change but, knowing them, won’t be any less energetic until they’ve actually become overheated or got heat stroke!

One of the privileges of owning a dog is being able to see their giddy expression when you say the W word or get their lead out; there are fewer moments in life where you get to witness such sheer joy and delight. We know how lucky we are to be in the profession of dog walking but also understand that it isn’t as easy as being able to take your furry companion out as often as you would like or as often as they deserve. To discuss our services or to speak to one of our trained dog walkers, contact us on 07734 447 812, and we will be more than happy to help.

Until then; happy walkies!