Have you taken a look around your local park lately.  Is it greener, have the squirrels come out to play. Are there more dog walkers about. Have you noticed how well trained the dogs are, do their owners look relaxed and in control or are they wary of letting Rover have a good run in case he doesn’t come back.  Can you tell the dogs that have been trained or even the ones that are being left to their own devices.  At Dog School we pride ourselves on our training and in the year that we have been formed are proud of all the dogs and their owners that have joined us along the way. Dogs whatever their shape or size that have attended our classes have left with either basic, intermediate or an advanced understanding of obedience.  We have been out in all weathers teaching dogs new skills so that when their owners take them out they can be sure that Rover will sit, stay etc., and come back when called.  And what about the dogs that look fit and have a smile on their faces.  The have attended our agility classes and just like us have loved every minute of it.