The Importance Of 1-1 Training

The importance of training your dog properly can never be underestimated. Although it may seem like a lot of hard work, and at times a very frustrating process, in the long run the time you invest in your puppy will be well worth it. Many people, especially those who are buying a dog for the first time, tend to forget that dogs, when all is said and done, are animals, and even though they provide an excellent companion and brighten up the lives of every owner, they need to be properly socialised in order to adapt to their new domestic surroundings.

If you are to have a healthy relationship with your pet, and to ensure that there are no problematic behavioural issues later on in life, you need to make sure that your dog is properly trained right from the off-set – think about it as if you were teaching your child to say please and thank you – obedience training is simply a means of helping you and your dog to interact with each other in a more positive way, showing each other all due respect.

By far the most effective way of doing this is through one-to-one training, particularly for high energy puppies and dogs that have behavioural issues later on in life. One to one training – especially with a formal instructor – can help you to effectively invest all the time your dog needs into training. Away from distractions, a formal instructor can teach both you and your dog the best way to go about the training process helping you both get the most out of every lesson. You should remember that one-to-one training isn’t just for your dog – it will also help you to learn the necessary skills needed to apply around the home and other environments.

Many dogs may act ‘deaf’ in environments other than obedience classes, so it is vital that you practice all the skills you learn in class at home. This might be a long process. Like with people, all dogs vary in terms of how long they will take to pick up new skills but be patient, and it will pay off. At Dog School we understand how confusing the process can be – particularly for new owners – which is why we are happy to be able to provide one-to-one dog training in Surrey, Croydon and Sutton, whether this be at your home or you come to us, we will guide you through the training process, giving you everything you need to know for a happy, healthy relationship with your dog.