The Curious Case Of The Dog And The Tractor

Dogs are smart: fact. Whether they’re chasing down criminals or shepherding sheep, our canine companions have used their smarts to do it all. And that’s one of the many reasons why we love them!

Remarkably, dogs can now also add driving to their list of talents too – well, maybe.

Last week, we were treated to the rather bizarre news that a tractor-driving dog had caused chaos on a Scottish motorway – yes, you did read that right!

In what was a case of good dog, bad driver, the mischievous mutt took control of his owner’s vehicle before driving it onto a motorway!




A Real Land Rover

What had started off as a regular day for farmer Tom Hamilton and his trusty sidekick, Don the sheepdog, soon turned into a farce of epic proportions.

Whilst out doing the rounds on his tractor, the farmer stopped to check on some sheep. And that’s when things went downhill: literally. Tom had only turned his back for a minute when Don decided to take matters into his own paws.

The daredevil dog jumped onto the tractor and got behind the wheel before sending the vehicle careering through a field. The tractor then broke through a fence and barrelled down a hill before finally coming to a stop in the central reservation of a motorway, near Abington in Scotland.

Described by Scotland’s traffic agency as ‘the weirdest news they’ve ever reported’, this story definitely takes the biscuit!

Unsurprisingly, the tale garnered a lot of interest on social media and spawned many terrible dog puns.



According to his owner, it turns out that Don the dog had accidentally leaned on the controls!

Luckily, both Don and Tom escaped the incident unscathed, though the 4-year old sheepdog did seem a little sheepish about the whole thing. But luckily for him, being a dog and all, he’s unlikely to receive any points on his license!

All told, Don may be an expert sheep herder, but his driving skills definitely need a little work!

Here at Dog School, we just couldn’t resist bringing you this story! After all, it’s pretty barking!

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