It is imperative that dog owners keep their animals active. Regular activity will ensure a long, happy life for your dog; no matter the breed.

It is also important that you facilitate interaction between your dog and other animals, as well as humans. This practice should ensure that the animal is well socialised, calm and balanced, in his behavioural responses to all circumstances.

There are a number of professional dog walking services in the area around Epsom and Sutton, and each one will offer differing provisions for your pet. Each breed of dog needs a different kind of care, and finding either a specialist or an adaptable walker is important.

Dog walkers are much sought after in big cities. Many people who live the city lifestyle, sadly, don’t have the spare time to properly care for their dogs. It is also true that many people live, with dogs, in flats, where there is no back garden in which their animal can play. Dog walking and dog sitting become essential in this environment.

The most reputable dog walking services will often also offer holistic dog training services. Their staff will be highly-trained professionals, with a broad knowledge of canine life. As a pet owner you have a responsibility to carefully consider all of the options available to you, assessing the suitability and credibility of the companies in question. Shockingly, it is not completely unheard of for unscrupulous services to cause harm and suffering to an animal.

All that we can do at Dog School Ltd. is to offer the benefits of our services to you (get the details here) and allow you to make the right decision for yourself and your animal.

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