Taming Your Unruly Dog

There can be nothing more upsetting than watching your pride and joy pooch’s behaviour spiral out of control and with many people in the UK calling for tougher dog restrictions, it’s important to work hard on having a good relationship with your dog to keep them well-behaved. At the Dog School, we’re a firm believer that there aren’t any bad dogs and with our one-to-one training sessions, we’re sure we can iron out your dog’s behavioural issues. After all, we wouldn’t give up on a child that suddenly started acting out, so why would we give up on our pets?

There are many reasons why a dog can start behaving badly. Perhaps the dog was never trained properly in the first place or there’s been a change to the home dynamic, for example if the dog is left alone more often than usual or there are new people or pets in the home or nearby. Even a holiday to which the dog wasn’t invited can prove the catalyst for a dog changing its behaviour. We know that if a dog can change once, it can change again. The idea is not to give up.


With the experts at the Dog School, we will talk with you and take our time to get to know the dog and get to heart of the problem. There are several different approaches to dog training based on different psychological theories, from motivational training, clicker training, dominance-based training and relationship-based training. With a variety of techniques at our disposal, we can turn your dog from neighbourhood terror to triumph. Whilst the media are keen to report the horror stories of when an unruly dog has injured a member of the public, at Dog School Ltd., we can tell you not to worry, if your dog’s acting out, come to us. We can confirm there are many more success stories; they just don’t make the headlines.
Most importantly, once we’ve worked to challenge and modify your dog’s behaviour, you can get back to focussing on what really matters: loving your dog, after all, that’s why you got them in the first place!