Selected Councils Begin to Step up Policing of Dog Fouling

Stafford Borough Council is now offering cash rewards of £75 for all those who report a dog walker who fails to clean up after their dog has fouled the street. This new measure is being implemented to stop the prevalence of indiscriminate dog fouling. However, spokespersons from among various civil liberties groups have warned that it merely gives people an added incentive to ‘snoop on others’, and that an impractical amount of photographic evidence will be needed to make the proposal function correctly.

The Stafford Council has defended its decision by claiming that people have contacted them in the past about dog fouling offences, and that the new reward is simply an added measure to help the limited resources of the Council tackle the continued problem of dog fouling. According to Keep Britain Tidy, dog fouling costs the UK as a whole a staggering £22 million in cleaning bills on an annual basis, and the £75 reward is being trialled to crack down on dog fouling where simple awareness campaigns have previously made little impact.

Dog fouling has come under increasing scrutiny for a number of years and, because of the substantial fines now levelled at dog owners as a result of this offence, there is a real need to be especially vigilant when walking a dog. Penalties are now becoming commonplace across the country, with Clayton-le-Moors recently becoming the first area to have a fixed penalty notice issued by a PCSO. 100 new dog bins had already been installed here during October, and this imposed fixed penalty is merely the latest step in an ongoing campaign against dog fouling.

With more and more councils beginning to adapt and employ new precautions to combat dog fouling, it is only a matter of time before such practices become routine on a more universal scale. It is therefore in a dog owner’s best interest to take care. However, even an alert owner is greatly assisted by an obedient dog that does not run out of control on the street. Dogs that stray away from their owners are far more likely to foul the streets in an unobserved or inaccessible location, so a well trained dog is a great asset when it comes to avoiding this particular concern.

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