Record Breaking Dogs

We all think that our own dogs are the best dogs in the world, and why wouldn’t we? They are man’s best friend after all, but some dogs are sometimes a little bit more special. Here are three record breaking pooches!

World’s Oldest Dog


Unfortunately, the world’s oldest dog on record died in 2008 at an impressive 203 (dog) years old! That’s 29 of our human years! Bella was a Labrador cross and was bought from the RSPCA when she was three years old by David Richardson and lived a comfy life at their Derbyshire home.

Unfortunately the records were lost for Bella so Guinness World Records class Butch, a 28-year-old dog from America as the oldest dog. An Australian sheep dog called Bluey has also lived to 29 years old but no official records were kept.

World’s Tallest Dog


Giant George, the Great Dane, stood at a jaw dropping 7ft 3 on his hind legs but has sadly passed away. This dog’s fantastic height landed him spots on some fantastic American TV shows such as ABC’s Good Morning America and the Oprah Winfrey Show. George was from a litter of 13 and was the runt of the bunch but by the time he was fully grown he weighed 17.5st, about 7st more than the average Great Dane. He was 43 inches from paw to shoulder.

World’s Smallest Dog (Height)

The world record for smallest dog is also split into two categories, one for height and one for length. The smallest dog according to height is a female Chihuahua called Miracle Milly, who measures a measly 3.8 inches (9.65cm) tall. She is owned by Vanesa Semler of Dorado, Puerto Rico.

She was born in 2011 and now currently weighs roughly half a kilogram (1 pound) and apparently knows how to pose, as she sticks out her little tongue when having her picture taken. Milly was so small when she was born she had to be fed through an eyedropper and she was small enough to fit in a teaspoon!

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