Old Dogs Learning New Tricks

The phrase ‘You can’t teach an old dog new tricks’ has stuck around because it is memorable and useful rather than because it is true. Here at dogschool, we are fully confident in our ability to train, help and teach dogs of all ages, shapes and sizes. In our experience old or adult dogs are just as willing to learn and intelligent as very young pups.

The only things that we have fund to affect the speed of the dogs development and learning are their personalities – some dogs can naturally be more boisterous and energetic than others and this can affect their ability to learning basic commands. But the most important element to the training of a dog, is simply the amount of time that an owner and their pet devote to it. It is all about developing a bond between the owner and the dog so that the commands are heeded.

Dogs are instinctively pack animals and an owner that is powerful and more frequently around will be regarded as the leader of the pack in the mind of the dog. However, if an owner is timid, or does not spend enough time with their dog, the dog could misbehave because they believe themselves to be the pack leader.

A dog that is older can in some circumstance be far easier to teach than a young puppy because they are usually already aware of the basic training like socialisation and basic behaviour. Bad habits and misbehaviour can be corrected fairly easily because the connection with the owner is already present. With the expert help of our friendly and dedicated team of dog trainers at our dog training classes in Croydon any owner can see their dog completely transformed as both owner and dog learn how to coexist.

The necessary steps towards training or potentially re-training your dog is to do with noticing that there is a problem. Misbehaviour that is irritating or destructive can often be written off as being cheeky or being naughty, but it is the result of a gap in the understanding of the dog and if your dog has become an adult and still has these habits, telling off it not going to be effective. But some very basic re-education could make these problems a thing of the past as you and your dog work together to create a happy home for both of you.