Notorious PUPs

Any dog owner will tell you that, just like humans, each dog has their own personality; some can be like toddlers in that they are fun, bouncy and mischievous, while others can seem to be going through their teens, being a little stroppy or having a tendency to sulk.  While some of these wonderful little bundles of evolutionary greatness can be a little more difficult to train than others, with the right levels of caring and patience, any dog can be trained.

After conducting countless obedience training classes in Surrey, we have had numerous challenging little tykes pass though our kennel door, but if you commit your full attention and, most of all, love into helping your new best friend, they can become as well-behaved as the dog you know they are.

Other factors which can make a dog a little more difficult to train are varied; these can vary from anything, such as the size of the dog or their breed.  Of course, every dog is loveable in their own wonderful way, but there are some breeds of man’s best friend that can tend to be a little more stubborn, inattentive or excitable than others… but we wouldn’t want it any other way!

The following breeds have a several unique and beautiful traits that not only make them adorably cute, but can make them that little bit more challenging to train:

Afghan Hound

The Afghan Hound is one the oldest breeds of dog.  Dubbed “The Aristocrat”, they have a reputation of being a little like cats, in that if they want to do it, they’re probably going to do it!  Known for ignoring prompts and commands, these little tinkers make up for their naughty nature with their lean and noble stature, allowing themselves to be playful and clownish, galloping on their ‘walks’.


The C.A.T. word can be misconstrued as an insult to some dog owners, but, much like the Afghan Hound, the same can be said about this beautiful breed.  The Basenji has numerous other nicknames, with a particularly apt one being the African Barkless Dog; perhaps based on the fact their bark resembles that of a baby crying or somebody laughing.

American Bulldog

American Bulldogs can be considered to be a strong willed breed.  Unfortunately for training purposes, they are quite often a breed content on lying around, only getting up to eat. However, once the initial training hurdles have been accomplished, the American Bulldog can bound through their advanced obedience and agility training.


Dalmatians are a particularly intelligent breed, which you would assume would make them easier to train… if they weren’t just so energetic and attention-seeking!  It’s a little unfair to say they are difficult to train, as they are generally considered highly trainable – just as long as you can get them to stay in one place!


The ‘problem’ with the pug is that this gorgeous breed seems to be completely aware of just how much you love it and that you think it’s incredibly cute – and you are right.  But being aware of this means it can be a little bit cheeky and push the boundaries a little, having a little bit selective hearing… except when it comes to “food” and “walkies”, of course.

While the above is somewhat of a generalised list, it’s essential to remember that all dogs can be trained, no matter how challenging they may appear at first; so remember never give up, and always be patient… they might not know what they’re doing wrong!  But if you are experiencing any doggy-training-issues or would like any help or information, please contact us on 07734 447 812.  We’d love to meet you and your little buddy!