New Dog Training Facility Opens

We’re all getting pretty excited around here at the moment, animals and people alike, because our new premises at the Riverside Animal Centre is in the final stages of completion and we just can’t wait for moving day. The new location has lots of fun stuff to offer us: it’s bigger, better and comes with a huge variety of new equipment to be played with and adventures to be had.

Ready for my first lesson

We’ve had a lot of new adventurers just joining us this month with a massive influx of new starters in obedience and agility training, all eager to learn and have a great time. We’re like a big family here at The Dog School, and so when you join the Riverside Animal Centre Sutton, we like to feel like we’ve adopted a brand new four-legged son or daughter.

Going on to higher education, lots of our young puppies have moved up to the next level of obedience training. Some of our star pupils even get to give agility training a go – where both dogs and handlers are challenged and tested through a series of fun obstacles. So really, it’s next stop PHD scheme for some of these bright little pups really excelling at the best school for dog training Surrey.

We’re busy as can be, but having an excellent time here and we’re looking forward to all of the new handlers and their dogs all of whom will be joining our fun-loving gang over the next few weeks