Make Your Garden Dog-Friendly

Dogs and gardens don’t always go paw in paw. The more boisterous of pooches can insist on digging up your favourite petunias or nibbling at your freshly mown lawn.

However, since we offer dog walking services in Surrey we know how important it is for your pooch to get some fresh air. So we’ve got some big and little ideas for you to make your garden a safe haven for you and your dog to enjoy!

Make sure there is shade and shelter

Even though it may seem like summer has been and gone, the days can still get extremely hot. Dogs overheat easier than people and so it’s important they can hide from the sun.

In the winter it’s also good to have a place for your pup to shelter from the wind and rain. A kennel is an easy way to add a weather-proof place to your garden, or put a parasol up with a bowl of water in the summer.

Plant puppy-friendly flowers

Planting quite densely or in raised beds can prevent dogs from digging up all your hard work.

Even so, try not to add thorny plants or bushes into your garden as they can easily hurt an eye or scratch if brushed past. Also, double check that any new flowers you incorporate into your garden aren’t poisonous; the Kennel Club has a comprehensive list here.

Have pathways

It’s vital that dogs are able to get exercise each day. Even though putting your dog in your garden throughout the day shouldn’t replace taking them on a walk, it’s a good idea to have some sort of pathway for your dog to patrol.

Just make sure your fences are secured so they don’t start running around your neighbour’s back garden as well!

Have a designated toilet area

Putting aside a corner of your garden for your dog to use when nature calls is a good idea. It may involve a little bit of training in order to teach them to use their new spot but it’ll save your flower beds.

Alternatively, make sure that your grass is nice and short so that you can spot where they’ve gone to do their business!

If you want your canine companion to be able enjoy the garden without ruining any of your horticultural handiwork, we offer a range of services from training to dog walking. For more information about what we offer, contact us on 07734 447 812 and one of our friendly staff will be happy to help!