How To Stop Your Puppy Biting

In this continuing series, we’re giving you all the help you need when it comes to training your puppy. Today, we give you all the essential tips to stop your puppy biting.

Puppies bite – it’s in their nature, but no matter how cute your puppy is, the constant nipping and biting can take its toll on your skin. There are ways to stop their unruly behavior though, guiding them into adulthood without any potential problems –if you don’t address the problems while your dog is still young, it could develop problems with aggression later on in life.


The first and most essential thing you can do is to ensure that you don’t remove the puppy from its mother too soon. During the earliest stages of the puppy’s life, it will learn a lot from its mum, including when to stop biting. When the mother observes her litter, she lets out a loud yelp if she sees play getting too rough, then leaves them alone for a time. This sends out a signal and lets them know their behavior isn’t acceptable. This is something that you can replicate yourself once the time is right to take your puppy home. If he bites you, make a loud yelping noise and leave him alone, he will soon understand that it’s wrong for him to bite you too.

Puppies also love to chew. Everything. This is a normal part of growing up for him, but you can stop him from chewing your furniture (and whatever else he gets his paws on) by giving him his own chew toy. If you catch him chewing something that doesn’t belong to him simply remove it and replace it with his own toy. He will soon learn to establish the difference and stop looking for satisfaction elsewhere.

Again, as with all dog training, you should be patient and recognise the unique character of your dog. Some are bound to take longer than others, this is just part of the process. We at Dog School offer our classes for dog training in Croydon and Surrey because we want everyone to have a contented dog and happy household! Keep checking back regularly for more helpful tips and advice.

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