How to Keep Your Dog From Getting Bored

Lack of exercise and mental stimulation can make your dog become very frustrated and bored. A bored dog can develop destructive behaviours and you might find yourself returning home from work and seeing your belongings destroyed. Another sign of boredom is your dog following you around and asking for attention.

You might not have the space to adopt another dog to keep your best friend company, but you can change up your routine to make your dog feel less bored.


Go on Fun Walks

Young or old, any dog needs to go on at least two walks a day. The same route every day can get boring, so be sure to change it up and explore new streets once in a while. Longer walks are recommended so that your best friend can spend all the energy and feel more settled throughout the day.

A fun walk will help to stimulate your dog’s mind, too! Let your dog stop and enjoy the new views and smells; it will provide mental stimulation and an exciting break in routine.


Play with Your Dog

Interactive dog toys, such as food dispensers, are great to keep your dog’s mind busy. Your dog will keep occupied and focused on the toys and not on curtains or rugs. And don’t forget to also play with your dog! A good game of tug-of-war doesn’t make your dog aggressive and it helps him to spend some energy.


Leave the TV On

If you have to leave your dog alone at home for a long period of time, you can leave the TV on to keep him entertained. Putting a movie on for your dog might sound silly, but there are videos made specially for dogs to keep them from getting bored when alone. Sounds of nature and sights from outdoors will keep him engaged while you’re out of the house.


Hire a Professional Dog Walker

Work can keep you extremely busy and away from your dog for longer than expected. You might not have as much time as you need to frequently walk your dog, which will undoubtedly lead to boredom and eventual destruction of your belongings.

A happy dog needs plenty of exercise, which is why we provide a professional dog walking service that is tailored to your dog. Our free consultation will determine your dog’s requirements depending on size, age, and his individual needs.

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