House Training Your Puppy

House training can be a problematic time for any dog owner, and can sometimes feel like it is taking forever to get right. Many people don’t know where to start, but by keeping a cool head and following a proper routine, you should have a happy, contented and well-trained puppy on your hands in no time!

Before you start to train your puppy you should keep an eye on his habits. When is he prone to go? After eating, upon waking and after play are all common times for your puppy to go to the toilet. Once you have an idea, you should encourage your puppy to go to a designated spot outside to do his ‘business’. You should also try and take him out at least once an hour and praise him for going in the right place. By giving him a treat for behaving correctly, you reinforce his good behavior and encourage him to keep doing the same. Once you have done this a few times, your dog should start moving towards the door to indicate to you that he needs to go.
During the house training process you should always bear in mind that there will inevitably be slip ups and mistakes. Be careful not to punish your puppy if he gets it wrong every now and again as you might inspire fear in him which will have adverse effects when it comes to further training later on in his life.

When you’re cleaning up, make sure you use odour neutralizing products and avoid using anything that contains bleach or ammonia as they contain properties that will actually attract your puppy to it, causing them to keep returning to the same spot and making the same mistakes.

So then, we can break it down into 4 simple principles: watch carefully and make a mental note of his routine, be patient, reinforce good behavior and be consistent – giving mixed signals can result in a very confused little dog.

At dog school we understand the importance of having a contented dog, which is why we offer our Puppy training in Surrey and Croydon, where we are more than happy to offer you more helpful tips and advice.

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