Four Signs That Your Dog May Require Training

It’s always ideal to start obedience training as a puppy, but we understand that this isn’t always possible. Sometimes it’s not obvious that your dog requires training until they start showing signs that they aren’t exactly behaving as you want them too…

Walking Your Dog is a Nightmare

Taking your dog on a daily walk should be an enjoyable experience for both you and your furry friend; it shouldn’t be a struggle. If you find yourself dreading taking your dog for a walk, it might be time to ask yourself why. Does your dog refuse to walk on a lead? Do they push and pull you in every direction? Do you find yourself struggling to keep an iron grip on the lead? These are all signs that your dog may require lead training.

They are Constantly Barking

A lot of people just accept that barking is something that dogs do. Surely it’s not a sign that they need any training, right? Well, not exactly. Whilst dogs do bark and should be expected to do so, they shouldn’t be barking at everything and anything. Does your dog bark when you stand up? Does he/she bark at the TV or at the sound of a door closing? This could be an indication that you have a reactive dog that would benefit from professional training.

Your Dog Ignores You

Remember our post on dog owners being happier than cat owners? One of the reasons for us coming to this conclusion was based on the fact that dogs are always eager to shower their owners with love. So what does it mean when your dog isn’t listening to a thing that you say? If your dog doesn’t come to you when you call its name (selective hearing, or as we like to call it, cat hearing), then it could be a good indication that your dog needs a little intervention from training specialists!

Your Furniture Becomes Their Favourite Chew Toy

Your puppy (or dog) chewing your furniture (or shoes, clothes, fingers…) is probably the most obvious sign that you don’t have the most well behaved dog on your hands. For a puppy, chewing is how they learn how to properly use their teeth. However, it’s important that they are taught that there are right and wrong things to chew. This isn’t always an easy lesson and you can always benefit from seeking advice from a professional dog trainer.

We don’t think it’s ever too late to teach your dog new tricks! And it’s never too late to work on solving obedience problems.

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