Five Famous Dogs That Stole Our Hearts

Dog School Ltd may provide some of the greatest dog training services available, including dog walking in Sutton and dog obedience classes, but we have also noticed that some of the greatest films and TV shows in television history contain dogs as main characters. 101 Dalmatians influenced a whole generation of parents to go out and buy cute Dalmatian puppies, while Lassie and Beethoven reminded individuals about the responsibilities and happiness that goes with parenthood. Whether in a film or a TV show, there is no doubt that most people have been touched by a dog character…

#1 Beethoven

At first glance Beethoven is just another “dog movie”, but this tale of a lost and mistreated puppy finding himself a home and a family turned out to be a sunny, energetic children’s film with a good notion of what young audiences like.


#2 Scooby Doo

Scooby Doo, where are you? This is perhaps the most known tagline in the entire history of the television series which is named after the famously wacky Great Dane.  Scooby Doo originally aired from 1969 – 1972, and has been on TV almost non-stop ever since, entertaining generations of children fans. The series follows the adventures of teen mystery solvers Shaggy, Daphne, Freddy, Velma and of course Shaggy’s dog Scooby Doo. Whether it’s tracking down a missing famous singer or catching a dog-napper, the team always gets to the bottom of things.


#3 Marley and Me

Marley and Me is a story of a couple (Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston) embarking on the adventure of marriage, career, family, and the world’s most horrible dog. At least that’s how novelist John comes to describe his blonde Labrador, Marley, when he takes the puppy home and finds that the fluff-ball has a mysterious ability to eat and destroy just about anything in the house. As years go by, John and his wife, Jennifer, contemplate having children and moving across the country, while Marley grows into 100 lbs of funny, wild, completely wonderful companionship – as well as one of the most important members of the family.


#4 Brian Griffin

Brian Griffin looks like a dog but hardly ever acts like one, and that makes him all the more appealing in the contemporary animated television series Family Guy. With his nonchalance and human like traits, he’s more rational than the entire Griffin family, who consider him a house pet and close friend.


#5 Santa’s Little Helper

The rescued race dog humorously named “Santa’s Little Helper” is seldom seen or heard, yet he is the perfect addition to the famous hit TV show, The Simpsons.


In summary, it is evident that since the beginning of TV, many canine stars have risen to levels of fame similar to (if not more than) their human co-stars.