Downing Street Dog Proves a Furry Friend Can Work in Any Household

Amongst the chaos, the news this week featured the charming story of the welcome new addition on Downing Street.  A BBC article followed the story of how Chancellor George Osborne announced recently on Twitter that he had brought a new addition into his family home, in the form of a Bichon Frise puppy named Lola.

According to reports, he finally bowed to pressure from his children aged 10 and 12, and welcomed the young dog into their lives.  Following the announcement, Mr Osborne also tweeted an adorable photo of their pet, and later thanked everyone for their messages, stating they had “some early issues with toilet training … but we don’t care. We love her”.

Similarly, last year hearts melted across the world when US president Barack Obama posted several pictures on social networking sites of his now famous family dog Bo. The furry White House resident, who is an impeccably groomed Portuguese Water dog has become a household name and an icon within the USA, and last Christmas the residents of the White House showed their lighter side and posted this adorable video of Bo touring the home.

This news is proof that no matter what commitments you have outside the home, you can still incorporate a pet dog into family life. No matter how busy your lifestyle is, there are ways you can fit the care of your dog into your schedule, especially if you make use of a range of specialist pet care services.

Here at Dog School we offer a range of services which can help the care of your dog be a stress free and minimally time consuming process which can easily fit around a full time job as well as busy family life. We provide dog walking services in Surrey which specifically cater to people who do not have the time every day to walk their dog. This service can be used on a daily basis, or alternatively just occasionally when you are particularly busy. After all if those who are renowned for having some of the busiest schedules in the world have the time to keep a dog, then you probably can too.