Don’t Run Before You Can Walk

When your new puppy arrives it is all very exciting, you have bought the food, got the bed, the toys, read the puppy training books and puppy proofed your house. So now it should all be plain sailing, right? Hopefully yes, and it will be a very enjoyable experience for all involved, but puppy training is a long and difficult process.

We’ve seen many major problems grow out of simple and avoidable mistakes at the basic puppy training stage, but we can help you to teach your puppy the sort of behaviours that will make your home happy and safe for you and your new friend. Here are some helpful tips that we’ve observed during our years of experience with puppy training in Surrey:

Make sure that you choose the right time to give your puppy the most meaningful training sessions. You will need your puppy’s full attention, so don’t try to train if he is tired or highly excited.

With your puppy, you will soon discover that ‘what goes in must come out’. If you ensure that you feed your puppy a balanced healthy diet, then he will be more likely to have regular toileting habits and more of a routine for you to work your puppy training around.

Puppies, have a lot to take in, in their first few weeks in a new home, so remember, don’t run before you can walk. Your puppy will take time to master all of the commands you want to teach him. Start off with just a couple of commands, and don’t progress to new ones until you and your puppy have mastered the basics.

Your puppy will have a short attention span, so make sure that you keep the training sessions with your puppy short and concise.

Rewards are an important aspect of training your puppy. He will learn the fastest through the association of an action or command with a positive reward, for example a treat.

Most importantly is to make sure that you reward bad behaviour and encourage good behaviour, to ensure that from the day you bring him home your puppy is clear which behaviour is acceptable.

But don’t forget to have fun with your new found friend. The best reward for this hard work, both for you and your puppy, is a happy relationship with lots of games and fun.