Dog Behaviour & Obedience Training in Surrey

Would you like your dog to walk? to heel? Sit? Stay? And recall?

Dog School Ltd are pleased to now offer a range of dog training courses in the Surrey areas.

We offer training from basic dog obedience to intermediate, advanced (agility) and professionally trained dogs!

Puppy training (2 to 4 months)

  • How to engage your puppy in play
    Developing a lasting relationship with your puppy through play.
  • Communicating with your puppy
    Proper communication techniques are essential when teaching basic obedience.
  • Introducing your puppy to the lead
    How to introduce the lead in such a way as to not cause your puppy undue distress that may result in long-term anxiety issues.
  • Socializing with other dogs
    An important part of puppy development is knowing how to behave with other dogs—at home, in the streets and at the park.
  • Play-biting and mouthing
    Learn to set boundaries, and to nip unacceptable behavior in the bud.

Basic training (4 months and above)

  • Owner confidence
    The more confident you are in handling your dog, the better they will respond to you.
  • Walking to heel
    Does your dog pull on the lead on walks? Teach it to walk correctly!
  • Sit & down
    Train your dog to sit or lay down on command. Essential for developing control and obedience.
  • Staying
    Teach your dog to stay when you answer the door without worrying about your four-legged friend bolting!
  • Body language
    Learn to read your dog’s behavior and develop the right body language for effective commands.

Intermediate training (7 months and above)

  • Walking off lead
    Give your dog freedom to roam, and put your mind at ease when walking your dog off-lead.
  • Recall
    To develop the skills to call your dog back from any situation with one command.
  • Behavioral control in different environments
    Be able to take your dog anyway, be it the park, a busy country fair, or on the bus.
  • Down-stay & stand-stay
    Teach your dog to stay in any position when you need to leave their side.

our Dog Training

Puppy training
Socialising, play, getting used to the lead, etc.
Basic Dog Training
You will learn the basic commands of dog training.
Intermediate Dog Training
Basic class and incorporates what has already been learnt
Private Dog Training
We offer one to one training at our school or in private.

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