Do You Love Your Dog More Than You Love People?

There is a reason why dogs are considered as being a man’s best friend, and it’s simply because they are. In fact, we’re pretty sure that most dog owners probably prefer their furry friend to most people they know. Not that they would ever admit it.

If you find yourself doing any of the following things, it’s fair to say that you are also one of them people who would much rather be hanging out with your four legged friend than your actual human ones.

When You go on Holiday, You Miss Your Dog More Than Your Family & Friends

Even though we all love going on holiday, there are always points during your stay that you start to miss things from home. Some people might miss their parents, or their partner or even their friends.

But some people just really miss their dog. If you’ve ever found yourself texting home to see how your puppy is getting on without you or you’ve demanded to see them on FaceTime before you’ve even said hello; this could be a very good indication that you have a deeper relationship with your dog!

You Have Thousands of Pictures on Your Phone

Do you struggle to find a picture of your partner on your phone when someone asks what he/she looks like? Are you frantically scrolling through lots of pictures of your dog (doesn’t she look adorable?) when someone asks to see a picture of your family? Of course you are! Whilst this is completely normal for us dog lovers of the world, other people might see this as a sign of you loving your dog more than them. (They would probably be right).

You Kiss Your Dog More

Are you confused by people who think kissing a dog is unhygienic? Surely it’s normal to greet your dog with kisses – we all do it! However, are you someone who doesn’t think twice about kissing their dog in front of people but balk at the idea of PDA with your partner! In fact, your dog is your preferred cuddle buddy too!

You Always Greet the Dog First

Think about a normal day in your household. You’ve just got home from work and have literally just walked through the front door; who do you say hello to first? If you’re anything like us then the first thing you do is probably to seek out your dog (well, if he’s not sat waiting by the front door for your return) and say hello with lots of hugs and kisses. You might then go on to acknowledge your partner but only once you’ve caught up with your dog!

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