Could Your Dog be the Next Big Internet Star?

Whenever dog owners get together, there’s one thing you can be sure of – we’ll all be pulling out our phones to share pictures of our little darlings with each other. Whether it’s because your faithful friend has the adorable head-tilt down to a T, they have reached peak fluff perfection or they’ve mastered some astonishing trick, everybody knows that their own pup is a superstar.

So, why keep them to yourselves? With the wonders of the internet at their paws, your dogs can easily become modern celebrities.

Doggy Role Models

With the right filters, framing and hash tags, your dog could become as famous as some of these canine superstars.

Boo, the World’s Cutest Dog

This Pomeranian has been online since 2009, captivating fans around the world with his perfect haircut.

Tonkey Bear

An adorable bear coat Shar Pei from Canada, Tonkey arrived online last year and currently has 405k followers!

Menswear Dog

A photo posted by Menswear Dog (@mensweardog) on

Who could ever guess that a Shiba Inu could model clothes as well as any human? Bodhi, the Menswear Dog, carved out a niche and has modelled campaigns for many top brands!

Mishka the Husky

A dog who can say “I love you” gets a lot of attention – and when you add a little autotuning, a hit music video!

So, if you want to join these top pups, where do you start?

Choose Your Platform

Social media sites offer a fantastic way to bring your canine companion’s talents and beauty to a wider audience; but you need to choose the right platform. If your pup is a beauty fit for the catwalk – sorry, dogwalk –  then a photo sharing app like Instagram is ideal.

If you want to show off their talents in motion, Instagram does also offer the option to share short videos, but you may find YouTube more appropriate for longer form films, such as showing off a full agility run. Another video option for very short clips is Vine; six seconds is, after all, enough to catch that head tilt or first attempt at a howl.

You can also set up a Facebook fan page for your dog’s adoring audience, and a Twitter account too – these are often used in conjunction with the other sites, so your pup’s fans can find them wherever they are.

Attract Your Audience

Once you’ve chosen the platform, you need to know how to use it to get the attention of your fellow puppy lovers. Choose the right hash tags and apply them to your Instagram pictures and Vine clips, and you’ll soon find that your pet has more followers than you! Some general hashtags to use are: #dog, #puppy, #cute, #petsofinstagram, and #dogsofinstagram. Many dog owners are attached to particular breeds, so remember to tag accordingly – for example, #pugstagram and #puglife are great tags for pug owners!

It’s also important to think about how you want to portray your dog; some get attention for being cute, others more for their personality!

Not all of your pictures and videos will fit with a particular image, so don’t just share everything – cherry pick their best bits. Make sure you’re also sharing regularly, as people might stop following you if you haven’t posted in a while.

Remember, your pet should never be made to suffer for their fame – so make sure that any props you use are pet friendly, you’re not putting them into uncomfortable situations for the sake of a funny video (we’re looking squarely at all those people scaring their cats with cucumbers here) and that you’re not blinding them with camera flashes.

Of course, getting that perfect picture or video is a lot easier with a well trained, perfectly behaved hound – so if you’d like our help training your pup for stardom, get in touch with us today on 07734 447 812.