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Make Your Garden Dog-Friendly

Dogs and gardens don’t always go paw in paw. The more boisterous of pooches can insist on digging up your favourite petunias or nibbling at your freshly mown lawn. However, since we offer dog walking services in Surrey we know how important it is for your pooch to get some fresh air. So we’ve got some big and little ideas for you to make your garden a safe haven for you and your dog to enjoy!


Notorious PUPs

Any dog owner will tell you that, just like humans, each dog has their own personality; some can be like toddlers in that they are fun, bouncy and mischievous, while others can seem to be going through their teens, being a little stroppy or having a tendency to sulk.  While some of these wonderful little bundles of evolutionary greatness can be a little more difficult to train than others, with the right levels of caring and patience, any dog can be trained.


Top Exercises for Your Dog

Dog’s are like young children in many respects; the most similar one being the fact that, if you do not give them something constructive to do with their energy, they will find something to do regardless of the mischief it will cause. This can cause a few problems, because a dog that isn’t getting enough exercise commonly finds a release through activities like destructive chewing, hyperactivity, unruliness and attention-grabbing behaviour.  In this blog, we will look into some exercises to keep your dog better occupied: Running    Going running with your dog at a local park is a great activity, because not only is your dog getting the exercise that it needs to increase its stamina and strengthen its muscles, but you will also reap the benefits of the exercises too. It is always nice to have a partner to run with, whether they have two legs or four legs. Fetch ‘Fetch’ is a fairly obvious choice when it comes to exercise, however not that many people know that a simple game of ‘fetch’ can be all that is needed to meet your dog’s daily exercise. This exercise is ideal if you have a busy schedule, as you can easily play it in your back garden, or even from the comfort of your couch indoors. ‘Fetch’ games provide your dog with exercise, whilst giving him/her a special skill as well. New Skills Although your dog will benefit from physical exercise, you will also have to remember to exercise your dog’s brain. Find a fun new behaviour to teach him/her, like high-fiving or rolling on command. If you would like your dog to become more advanced when learning skills, then it is well worth enrolling them in one of our dog training classes.   As we have mentioned in this blog, it is important to stimulate your dog’s brain and make sure they get a sufficient amount of exercise. If you have a hectic life, then it can sometimes be a struggle to take your dog on regular walks. Whether you need someone to give your pet a one-off walk, or you require a long-term dog walker, the team here at Dog School can provide flexible programs that are tailored to your needs. For dog walking in Croydon, get in touch with us today by calling 07734 447 812. You won’t be disappointed with the services we provide.  


Five Famous Dogs That Stole Our Hearts

Dog School Ltd may provide some of the greatest dog training services available, including dog walking in Sutton and dog obedience classes, but we have also noticed that some of the greatest films and TV shows in television history contain dogs as main characters. 101 Dalmatians influenced a whole generation of parents to go out and buy cute Dalmatian puppies, while Lassie and Beethoven reminded individuals about the responsibilities and happiness that goes with parenthood. Whether in a film or a TV show, there is no doubt that most people have been touched by a dog character… #1 Beethoven At first glance Beethoven is just another “dog movie”, but this tale of a lost and mistreated puppy finding himself a home and a family turned out to be a sunny, energetic children’s film with a good notion of what young audiences like.   #2 Scooby Doo Scooby Doo, where are you? This is perhaps the most known tagline in the entire history of the television series which is named after the famously wacky Great Dane.  Scooby Doo originally aired from 1969 – 1972, and has been on TV almost non-stop ever since, entertaining generations of children fans. The series follows the adventures of teen mystery solvers Shaggy, Daphne, Freddy, Velma and of course Shaggy’s dog Scooby Doo. Whether it’s tracking down a missing famous singer or catching a dog-napper, the team always gets to the bottom of things.   #3 Marley and Me Marley and Me is a story of a couple (Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston) embarking on the adventure of marriage, career, family, and the world’s most horrible dog. At least that’s how novelist John comes to describe his blonde Labrador, Marley, when he takes the puppy home and finds that the fluff-ball has a mysterious ability to eat and destroy just about anything in the house. As years go by, John and his wife, Jennifer, contemplate having children and moving across the country, while Marley grows into 100 lbs of funny, wild, completely wonderful companionship – as well as one of the most important members of the family.   #4 Brian Griffin Brian Griffin looks like a dog but hardly ever acts like one, and that makes him all the more appealing in the contemporary animated television series Family Guy. With his nonchalance and human like traits, he’s more rational than the entire Griffin family, who consider him a house pet and close friend.   #5 Santa’s Little Helper The rescued race dog humorously named “Santa’s Little Helper” is seldom seen or heard, yet he is the perfect addition to the famous hit TV show, The Simpsons.   In summary, it is evident that since the beginning of TV, many canine stars have risen to levels of fame similar to (if not more than) their human co-stars.


Boost for Brainy Dog Funding

We all know the saying a dog is a man’s best friend, but for those with neurological conditions a dog can be a lifeline. Brainy Dogs charity is working with their brain injury sufferers giving them a companion that can help them regain their confidence and bring joy into their lives. Brainy Dogs will plays an important part in helping people who have lost contact with family and friends because of personality changes brought on by their neurological condition. With a brand new grant of £267,000 from the Big Lottery Fund the unique scheme will be able to help more people in need find their perfect canine companion. The project run by Headway uses the National Lottery Funding to work with prisoners from Hollesley Bay Open Prison to training dogs to become companions for those suffering from brain injuries. The project uses dogs from the Felixstowe Blue Cross rehoming centre, so it not only helps those suffering from brain injuries but also provides a new loving home for rescue dogs. It is also a welcome opportunity for the prisoners at Hollesley Bay to make a difference in other’s lives in a positive way. At Dog School Ltd we understand fully just how rewarding training a dog can be, so it’s easy to understand why the scheme is popular within the prison. Chief executive of Headway Helen Fairweather fully backs Brainy Dogs, stating “People tend to lose friends due to a change in personality brought on by their condition, yet they still need to love and be loved.  Dogs fill this gap.  Prisoners involved in the project also find it very rewarding.  They gain knowledge and self worth, meet new people and give back to society for some of the bad things they’ve done.” If you feel inspired by the work Brainy Dogs are doing for those suffering with neurological conditions and are looking for dog training in Surrey for your own dog, Dog School Ltd can offer you a range of different classes to meet your needs. From basic classes to agility, our experts can offer you help and support when it comes to getting the perfect training from your pooch. For more information on the services we offer don’t hesitate to contact us on 07734 447 812 today.


Buying A Family Pet

Buying a pet can be a massive decision for you and your family. There are tonnes of advantages for having a dog around the home, particularly for your children. Studies have consistently shown that children that are brought up with dogs around them are more likely to develop good social skills and generally have better feelings of empathy, confidence and self-esteem.Not only this, but children with dogs often have a better understanding of some of the more complex processes of life, from reproduction to birth and death, meaning that they tend to be better adapted for adult life than peers who have grown up without pets.


Decisions in a Dog House

As soon as you bring home a dog or a puppy, you need to start making decisions based on how you want to live with this new member of the family. These decisions make up some fairly basic elements of owning a dog, such as where they sleep and what type of food you are giving them, but it is also about establishing boundaries early


Stop Your Dog Barking

Let’s face it barking dogs can be pretty annoying, especially so if they do it at inappropriate times, but there are ways you can get your dog to calm down, it just requires a little time and patience.