Training Techniques

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Merry Christmas to You and Your Canine Companion!

Christmas is an exciting time – not just for you and your family, but for your dog too! If you look over to their basket now you’ll see their noses twitching as they sleep, dreaming of all that wrapping paper that’s going to be flying around. The team at Dog School take comfort in the fact that if you’ve invested in behavioural sessions with us, that your pooch might have a present under the tree with their name on it for being so good this year – that is if they’ve managed to resist the temptation of a tasty smelling bone wrapped in nothing but paper. At Dog School, we want to take this opportunity to thank you for your valued canine custom, and we hope that with our services, your dog doesn’t go too barking in all the festive fun! If you’re thinking about making a new addition to the family in the New Year, or if you find a pup wrapped in a bow under the tree this year then Dog School can help you with any training that they may need, such as getting used to the lead, how to introduce them to other dogs or teaching them the boundaries of play-biting – because those little puppy teeth can hurt! We also encourage you to keep checking back on our blog for all the latest Dog School news and updates which features advice about getting a new dog, fun and interesting facts about our furry friends, and handy tips for dog owners. So if you want to get a head start on training, browse the range of services we provide, from puppy training classes to dog walking services in Surrey. For more information, feel free to get in touch at 07821 543388 or visit our Facebook and Twitter pages for regular updates. In the meantime, the team at Dog School would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Taming Your Unruly Dog

There can be nothing more upsetting than watching your pride and joy pooch’s behaviour spiral out of control and with many people in the UK calling for tougher dog restrictions, it’s important to work hard on having a good relationship with your dog to keep them well-behaved. At the Dog School, we’re a firm believer that there aren’t any bad dogs and with our one-to-one training sessions, we’re sure we can iron out your dog’s behavioural issues. After all, we wouldn’t give up on a child that suddenly started acting out, so why would we give up on our pets? There are many reasons why a dog can start behaving badly. Perhaps the dog was never trained properly in the first place or there’s been a change to the home dynamic, for example if the dog is left alone more often than usual or there are new people or pets in the home or nearby. Even a holiday to which the dog wasn’t invited can prove the catalyst for a dog changing its behaviour. We know that if a dog can change once, it can change again. The idea is not to give up.   With the experts at the Dog School, we will talk with you and take our time to get to know the dog and get to heart of the problem. There are several different approaches to dog training based on different psychological theories, from motivational training, clicker training, dominance-based training and relationship-based training. With a variety of techniques at our disposal, we can turn your dog from neighbourhood terror to triumph. Whilst the media are keen to report the horror stories of when an unruly dog has injured a member of the public, at Dog School Ltd., we can tell you not to worry, if your dog’s acting out, come to us. We can confirm there are many more success stories; they just don’t make the headlines. Most importantly, once we’ve worked to challenge and modify your dog’s behaviour, you can get back to focussing on what really matters: loving your dog, after all, that’s why you got them in the first place!


7 Reasons to Use Security Dogs

    A dog is a man’s best friend – especially when the man in question is patrolling a secure area on a dark, wet winter’s night. In this blog, Dog School Ltd presents a quick list of seven reasons to employ the use of security dogs. 1)      When it comes to confronting intruders, a security dog and handler can, effectively, do the work of a five-man security team. 2)      Dogs have an incredible sense of hearing and a powerful sense of smell. They are able to recognize disturbances from a range beyond that detectable by human sensory perception. 3)      The bark of a dog can act as an effective deterrent. Scaring off intruders before a confrontation becomes necessary. 4)      Alarm systems only indicate a disturbance, they are unable to act upon it. 5)      Security dogs have the ability and the desire to protect both their handler and their territory. 6)      Security dogs are trained not to waste motion. The dispatch intruders in a controlled manner. As quickly, effective and humanely as possible. 7)      Many security dogs live with their handlers, re-enforcing the bond between man and beast and creating a genuine sense of companionship.


Agility For Beginners

Agility classes are gaining more and more popularity in the UK. Previously misrepresented as a sport only for Border Collies, people are starting to realise that dogs of all breeds, shapes and sizes can take part in this hugely addictive sport!



One of the most crucial things you can do for your dog when you are training is to ‘socialise’ him. This basically means that you will teach him to interact with other dogs as well as other animals and people. This is absolutely vital to making sure you have a contended pup who is comfortable in all situations and won’t cause you any problems with aggression or nervousness as he grows up.


Clicker Dog Training – Can it Really Accelerate Training Time?

Dog training can be a frustrating and difficult process for all involved. A technique which is quickly gaining popularity is clicker training. It is still a comparatively new tool for training your dog, but in recent years it has become very popular amongst professionals who have begun to see the benefits of its use. Clicker training is a method of training your dog which relies upon the trainer giving positive reinforcement, alongside a marker signal, the clicker, to emphasise and build a new behavior or command.  Clicker training popularity is increasing as many trainers have found this technique to be beneficial for both the dog and owner. The main reason for the success of clicker training is due to it being a reward based training method and it has been proven that animals, especially dogs respond well to this. Clicker training, can and will significantly accelerate the time it takes to train your dog, the combination of the ease of use of the clicker and its basis on positive reinforcement will make the whole experience much more pleasurable, for both the dog and the trainer. As experienced dog trainers in Surrey we thoroughly recommend clicker training. The clicker itself, can be purchased from any good pet store, other homemade clickers which you could use are a whistle or a ball point retractable pen. The clicker along with a reward which is desirable to your dog, are the two requirements for successful clicker training. The most vital aspect of clicker training is timing. When carrying out the training, as the trainer you must ensure that the click happened exactly as the action takes place, then the dog should receive the reward directly afterwards, this mirrors exactly how dogs learn naturally. When your dog has become familiar with the clicker training technique and you feel comfortable using it, you can then move on to begin to introduce some training cues so that your dog learns to respond to the clicks in a certain way when you want it to.