How to Keep Your Dog From Getting Bored

Lack of exercise and mental stimulation can make your dog become very frustrated and bored. A bored dog can develop destructive behaviours and you might find yourself returning home from work and seeing your belongings destroyed. Another sign of boredom is your dog following you around and asking for attention. You might not have the space to adopt another dog to keep your best friend company, but you can change up your routine to make your dog feel less bored.


How to Spoil Your Dog This Christmas

For most of us, our dogs are an important part of the family and we want their festive season to be just as enjoyable as our own. Although we like to make them happy all year round, we want them to have an especially nice time at Christmas, even if they don’t understand what makes it so special.

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Why does my dog…? Five more canine habits explained!

There’s so many unusual things that dogs do that make them dogs! While we can laugh at these funny quirks, it does make you wonder, why on earth do they do that? At Dog School based in Croydon, we’ve seen everything. There’s not much that surprises us about our furry friends anymore. Recently we explained five peculiar canine habits, but there are more! Here’s five other behaviours, and what they mean, to help you understand just what makes man’s best friend tick.

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Do You Love Your Dog More Than You Love People?

There is a reason why dogs are considered as being a man’s best friend, and it’s simply because they are. In fact, we’re pretty sure that most dog owners probably prefer their furry friend to most people they know. Not that they would ever admit it.

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Caring for Your Pooch in the Spring

Although it may not feel like the seasons have changed since the drab and dreary winter began, it is in fact the beginning of spring this month. The more observant among you may have found the early mornings brighter when you take your furry friend on their 7am walk, and the sun staying out for longer when you get in from your evening stroll. Officially, spring begins on 20th March this year, and will be around until 19th June. With the new season comes a new array of ways to ensure that your dog is happy and healthy. Despite the relief of not coming home with a wet pooch each time you take them out for a walk in the rain, there are a host of other things that become more prevalent in the spring. Here are a few extra things to do this season to ensure that your dog is in tip-top shape!

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Why Dog Owners Are Officially Happier than Cat Owners

It’s something that we’ve known for a while at Dog School Ltd, but now it’s finally official! Dog owners are happier than cat owners. That’s not to say that if you own a feline friend then you’re miserable, and we’re not really sure how a household with both cats and dogs fares, but in terms of how happy man’s best friends make their owners, there’s nothing that beats having a pet pooch! The study indicates that pet owners were more satisfied with life than non-owners, which was also true more so among dog owners than cat owners. Here are some of the wonderful ways that dogs make us happy on a daily basis!

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Merry Christmas to You and Your Canine Companion!

Christmas is an exciting time – not just for you and your family, but for your dog too! If you look over to their basket now you’ll see their noses twitching as they sleep, dreaming of all that wrapping paper that’s going to be flying around. The team at Dog School take comfort in the fact that if you’ve invested in behavioural sessions with us, that your pooch might have a present under the tree with their name on it for being so good this year – that is if they’ve managed to resist the temptation of a tasty smelling bone wrapped in nothing but paper. At Dog School, we want to take this opportunity to thank you for your valued canine custom, and we hope that with our services, your dog doesn’t go too barking in all the festive fun! If you’re thinking about making a new addition to the family in the New Year, or if you find a pup wrapped in a bow under the tree this year then Dog School can help you with any training that they may need, such as getting used to the lead, how to introduce them to other dogs or teaching them the boundaries of play-biting – because those little puppy teeth can hurt! We also encourage you to keep checking back on our blog for all the latest Dog School news and updates which features advice about getting a new dog, fun and interesting facts about our furry friends, and handy tips for dog owners. So if you want to get a head start on training, browse the range of services we provide, from puppy training classes to dog walking services in Surrey. For more information, feel free to get in touch at 07821 543388 or visit our Facebook and Twitter pages for regular updates. In the meantime, the team at Dog School would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Is Your Dog Chipped?

When you get a new dog, there are a thousand things on your mind; puppy-proofing the house, house-training them, making sure they get all their vaccinations on time, and of course making sure that you get plenty of cute pictures to show your friends. One thing that is going to be even more important as of next year is making sure that they’re microchipped.


Our Tips for Creating a Perfect Puppy Schedule

When a new puppy enters your home, it can be extremely tempting to want to spend every waking moment with your new best friend. Although it is extremely important that you have chance to bond with your pup, it’s equally as vital that you start working them into a routine that will not only make your life much easier when it comes to taking care of them, but it also gives them a sense of structure.