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Which Dog Breed is Best for an Apartment?

When you live in a flat or apartment, it’s not the size of the dog that’s important, but the temperament. The following breeds are all good-natured, loving dogs, making them ideal for apartment living so long as you exercise them once a day. Here’s our shortlist of best breeds for flat dwellers.


Most LAZY Dog Breeds

You might remember back in February that we wrote a post all about the ‘Most active dog breeds’; for all of you looking for something a little challenging. But let’s take it down a few notches (in fact, all of the notches), and take a look at the laziest dog breeds! And by lazy, we mean easy going and low maintenance. Let’s face it: if you are a busy business person and live in a city flat, you can’t go adopting a high-energy Border Collie if you can’t commit to the hours and hours worth of exercise it needs a week. You need an easy going, cosy lap dog! We aren’t saying you should get a dog that you can just leave in the flat all the time, but these poochies will be a lot less work for you. Pug   Maybe an obvious one to start with, but these funny lookers are one of the most popular dogs of all time. Originating in China, Pugs were once used as royal gifts, and eventually made their way over to Europe! The Pug is a tiny dog and needs minimal exercise, making it perfect for life in an apartment! Due to the Pug’s little snout, long walks can be tricky for them because of breathing difficulty (poor things). The only two possible drawbacks to these lovable creatures are: Snoring – again due to the little snout. Although short haired, they can shed a fair bit. Bullmastiff   Believe it or not, this beautiful, and rather large, dog is in fact a low maintenance animal. This dog is a result of cross breading an English Mastiff and the Old English Bulldog in the mid-1800s. The reason why these massive dogs were bred was not to attack intruders, but to just stand in front of them and block access, and also to knock and hold them down. The Bullmastiff has a short coat that rarely sheds and needs little exercise, but they’ll still require enough to make sure they don’t become obese! Drawback… you could face a few slobbery kisses. Chihuahua   We have all seen one of these insanely small dogs knocking about in a celebrity’s handbag. At only 2-6 pounds and up to 9 inches high, these are an easy size to have in a bag! This dog breed gets its name from the state of Chihuahua in Mexico, where the dog was discovered in 1850. The origins of this breed are uncertain, but it is assumed that the Chihuahua is the descendant of dogs that belonged to Spanish and Chinese explorers. Bolognese   The dog, not the Italian dish we all love. This little pooch is a descendant from dogs such as the Bichon Frise in the south of Italy. This pooch became popular among the royal courts and the nobility of Spain as a companion dog in the early 1800s. The size of this dog makes it perfect for apartment life and it only weighs 8-14 pounds (about the size of a newborn baby). The amount of exercise this walking cloud needs is very minimal and it will tire easily! One thing to be aware of is that the long hair on a Bolognese can mat up easily. However, it won’t shed much and is even considered a hypoallergenic dog. We totally understand that sometimes looking after a dog can get too much to handle, and our dog walking services in Croydon will be able to help with the workload. If you are wanting help with your dog or have any questions relating to the services we offer, please contact us on 07734 447 812 and we will be more than happy to answer anything.


Most Active Dog Breeds

If you lead an active lifestyle, then an active dog can be the ideal canine companion. Whilst canine energy levels typically vary from dog to dog, certain breeds are renowned for their active nature and ‘get up and go’. With this in mind, here we give a guide to some of the most energetic dog breeds, showing which are most suited to owners with an active lifestyle. Weimaraner These beautiful dogs are built to hunt and possess both great speed and endurance. Weimaraners are also strong swimmers too, thanks to their webbed feet. These dogs love to run and are best suited to an active owner who enjoys plenty of outdoor activities. Springer Spaniel Springer Spaniels are notorious for their high energy levels and tirelessly (some might say overly) enthusiastic natures. The breed was developed as a gun dog and was traditionally used to flush out and retrieve game in the field. Today, Springer Spaniels are commonly kept as companions, and their friendly nature means they can make for great pets. In addition to being both highly active and agile, Springer Spaniels are also extremely intelligent and require plenty of exercise to keep them out of mischief. Border Collie Border Collies are a highly intelligent breed of dog and also possess remarkable agility. For centuries these dogs have been used by shepherds to assist them in tending large flocks of sheep, and are perfectly suited to this role, given their stamina and trainability. These dogs are a bundle of mental and physical energy and are bred to be working dogs. As such, they require plenty of stimulation and exercise to keep them happy and entertained. Australian Shepherd Australian Shepherd dogs are another working dog breed and possess a great deal of stamina. These dogs require a great deal of exercise and mental stimulation. However, if properly entertained, they can make for fun, active, and exceptionally loyal pets. These dogs also excel at all kinds of agility and obedience, making them the ideal canine companion if you’re interested in trying out a few dog agility classes or competitions. Dalmatian Dalmatians are built for endurance and are bred to run for miles and miles. This breed was very popular in Britain during the regency period, when they were known as carriage dogs, given the fact that they were often employed to run alongside carriages. Dalmatians are also known for their highly playful nature and exuberance, and require plenty of exercise to ensure this is channelled in a constructive manner. However, if you’ve got plenty of energy to burn yourself, then they can make for a great companion. If you love exercise and the outdoors then these active, fun loving dogs could be the perfect addition to your family. All dogs require plenty of regular exercise to keep them happy and healthy. Here at Dog School, we provide a range of dog walking services and can help ensure your dog is getting all the exercise it needs. So if you’re looking for dog walking services in Surrey, please don’t hesitate to contact us today by giving us a call on 07734 447 812 to speak to a member of our friendly team.


A Child’s Best Friend

As a dog lover, you’ll know that these furry companions are man’s (and woman’s) best friend. They have all the key features of a BFF, including loyalty, love and lots of energy! But when it comes to choosing the newest addition to your family, there are a lot of things that you should think about, such as how well they’ll get along with the younger members of the family. Today, we’ll take a look at some of the best breeds that’ll be your child’s best friend. Boxer These big dogs may not initially seem like the best choice to have around a baby due to their imposing look, but they’re incredibly patient and caring creatures. A well-trained boxer should be gentle with your children, and will often become particularly protective over them, but they’ll also get stuck in at playtime as they are full of energy!   Dogue de Bordeaux Also known as a French Mastiff, these intimidating-looking dogs hide a loyal and loving personality underneath their menacing exterior! They’re patient, calm and affectionate, and will treat your family like their own pack, paying particular attention to the ‘pups’! They’re an excellent guard dog as they are, above all, loyal creatures, dedicated to protecting their humans from danger.   Newfoundland This big friendly giant is the perfect addition to your family as they absolutely love kids. They’re known for their good temperament, gentle nature and quiet disposition. These dogs are sociable and will love to play with children in a calm and gentle way. As if all that wasn’t enough to persuade you, Nana, the dog from Peter Pan was a Newfoundland!   One of the features of all the dogs listed above is the fact that they need plenty of exercise. So if you need an extra hand when it comes to training and exercising your dog, we’re here for you! We offer a range of services to help you and your dog enjoy your years together, including our service of dog walking in Croydon and the surrounding area. For more information about any of our services, don’t hesitate to contact us today by calling 07734 447 812 to speak to a member of our team.


Curious-Looking Canines! Part Two

Here at Dog School, we know that every dog is beautiful in their own way – but some do look a little more extraordinary than others! Continuing our look at the more curious-looking canines, we bring you a further three odd (but still adorable) breeds of dog. Chinese Crested There are two varieties of the Chinese crested dog; the powder puff and the hairless. However, it’s the hairless variety that looks really unusual. They’re generally not entirely hairless, with a variable amount of fur on their head, tail and paws, and sometimes also on the muzzle. Unless it’s a “true” hairless, owners often trim or shave the body to achieve a neat look. The lack of hair doesn’t make them particularly low maintenance though – they can require moisturising cream or sunscreen to protect their skin. Bedlington Terrier Bred in the mining town of Bedlington, Northumberland, this odd little pup’s task was originally to hunt vermin in the mines. Their distinctive fur means that they can almost be mistaken for lambs, and their topknot gives their heads an unusual shape. However, that linty fur is also high maintenance, requiring regular grooming which can be a difficult job even for professionals. They’re active and excitable dogs, and very quick on their feet as befits their original purpose. Pug With its short-muzzled face, big eyes and curled tail, the pug is officially an odd looking breed – but one that’s soared in popularity lately, making their way onto the top ten breeds list for the first time in 2011. They were also hugely popular in the 18th century, appearing in many portraits alongside their aristocratic owners. However, their unusual features do make them prone to a range of health conditions, which should be carefully researched by anybody considering them as a new addition to the family. Whatever breed of dog you choose as your companion, it’s important to make sure that they get the right amount of exercise. If you need some assistance on this front, whether long-term or temporarily, we offer reliable dog walking in Croydon and the surrounding area so that you can be sure your dog is getting the right exercise. For more information, get in touch with us on 07734 447 812 today.


Curious-Looking Canines! Part one

As the old adage goes, there really is no accounting for taste, and this applies to our choice in canine companions as much as anywhere else in life. The way in which we choose the dog that we want, and the way that we view them, is incredibly subjective and everyone has their own preference when it comes to choosing a canine companion. How dogs look and how this affects us is a major part of the buying decision, and there are some truly strange-looking dogs out there. Here at Dog School we have been providing dog walking in Croydon for years and have seen hundreds of different breeds of dog over the years, so we’ve put together a list of 6 of our favourite strange-looking breeds. Here are the first three; Komondor ‘The dog with dreadlocks’ is the most common description of this weird and wonderful looking dog, and it’s rather accurate. The sheer size of this mutt only helps to underline the fact that these dogs were first bred to protect livestock, and will fearlessly defend their charges if necessary.   Bull Terrier Whether you love or hate the way this breed looks, and it’s seemingly impossible to sit on the fence, we think that there is certainly a regal aspect to this breeds’ proud wearing of such a distinctive face. While this breed is often avoided due to a perception of an aggressive temperament, if socialised and trained early they are a loyal and well-behaved dog for an experienced owner.   Afghan Hound The Afghan is a dog breed that really divides opinion; they are often seen as a pretentious choice due to their high maintenance requirements. Their often aloof attitude and high level of intelligence and reasoning only reinforce the idea that they are more of an upper class choice. Taken purely on the way they look though, we personally think that (when properly groomed) they are an incredibly elegant looking breed that’s always sure to impress.   We hope you have enjoyed the first part of our roundup and are waiting with baited breath for part 2. If you would like to know a little more about our services please don’t hesitate to contact us today and we will be more than happy to help.


Our Favourite Cross Breeds

Here at Dog School we love all kinds of dogs, and those that don’t like dogs are pretty weird, right? But sometimes our favourites aren’t the obvious ones! We think that some of the cutest pooches out there are the cross-breeds! The best features of two dogs in one… PERFECT! So here’s a rundown of our 5 favourite cross breeds that will make you go ‘AWWW’. Chusky   Chow Chow + Husky = This cute fluffball. Chuskies are very clever dogs that love being playful. They’re also loyal and can be very protective of their family. Puggle   Pug + Beagle = This handsome feller. The wrinkles of a pug on the longer beagle muzzle make this dog one of the cutest around. All of this packed with a fun-loving personality make a brilliant pet for families. They’re happy to go on long walks or just sitting on your lap! Pomsky   Pomeranian + Siberian Husky = This teddy-like gem! Who wouldn’t want one of these! LOOK AT IT! The overall size of a Pomsky can never be predicted, they could stay more on the smaller side, like a Pomeranian, or grow a bit bigger, like a Husky! Golden Dox   Golden Retriever + Dachshund = A retriever with little legs… still cute though! This lovable miniature pooch is great for families. Loyal, like its Golden Retriever parent! However, this chap isn’t great with cats. So you best sell the cat… Yorkie Poo   Yorkshire Terrier + Poodle = This cute pooch with a name to match! The Yorkie Poo is a loving and confident dog that’s also a happy trickster! So if you’re lucky to own one of these brilliant pooches, or any K9 companion, that could do with some dog training in Surrey you need to get in touch with us! You can contact us on 07734 447 812 and bring your dog along to a class!