Canines at Christmas: Top Tips for the Festive Season

Christmas is drawing ever nearer; a time for family and friends to get together in a spirit of giving. We’re firmly of the opinion that this should include your doggy friends; just like us, they can look forward to some extra company, an extra-special dinner and a few thoughtful gifts. There are, however, some things about Christmas that your faithful friends might not appreciate so much.

Don’t Eat That!!

At Christmas, there are so many nice things to eat – and your pet is likely to be very interested in them all! If you’ve got a doggy on a diet, this can be a very trying time, so make sure that you have a way to distract your pet whilst dinner’s on the table – and make sure your relatives aren’t sneaking scraps to them under the tablecloth!

There are also a lot of things around at Christmas that should definitely not be eaten by your dogs. Christmas decorations look great on the tree – but ornaments can shatter in puppy jaws, tinsel can do some nasty things to canine intestines, and fairy lights can deliver a nasty shock through chewed wires, so keep them all out of reach.

Natural decorations can be even worse – mistletoe, holly and poinsettia plants are all poisonous to dogs, so again, if you’re using them for decoration, keep them well out of the pup’s reach.

Presents for Puppies

When everybody sits around the tree to open their presents, it’s a very exciting time – and your dog may suddenly feel a bit left out, after all, isn’t everybody supposed to be paying attention to them? To make sure that they don’t start playing up as a result, and simply because you love them so much, make sure that they’ve got a few gifts of their own, and that they get their fair share of attention.

We don’t recommend encouraging your dog to open their own presents, though. Adorable as it may be, you don’t want to risk them swallowing bits of wrapping paper and tape. In addition, your dog can’t read gift labels – so if you encourage them to open a present or two this year, you could come downstairs next Christmas morning to find they’ve unwrapped everything!

Everything’s Too Exciting!

If you’ve got a lot of people coming over all at once, your pets may find it quite overwhelming! If your friends and relatives can stagger their arrivals to make it all a little less hectic, this may be helpful. You should also ensure that your dog has somewhere quiet to go if the hubbub is too much, and stick to their regular schedule as closely as possible.

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