Buying A Family Pet

Buying a pet can be a massive decision for you and your family. There are tonnes of advantages for having a dog around the home, particularly for your children. Studies have consistently shown that children that are brought up with dogs around them are more likely to develop good social skills and generally have better feelings of empathy, confidence and self-esteem.Not only this, but children with dogs often have a better understanding of some of the more complex processes of life, from reproduction to birth and death, meaning that they tend to be better adapted for adult life than peers who have grown up without pets.

Dogs are fantastic pets – we all know that. But when you’re making that step, you should always take the time to ensure that you’re picking the right pet and always involve your child – no matter how young they are – in the selection process. It is absolutely vital that your child, especially if they are young, is confident being around your new dog, otherwise you may find problems with fear and aggression on both sides, leading to an unsettled, unhappy home environment.

When buying a dog you should make sure that you have enough time and space to keep them happy. For those of you with small homes, although it sounds obvious, you should go for smaller dogs, making sure that they will have adequate room to sleep and move around without disturbing any of your furniture and without risk of injury to them and your family. Always understand how much exercise they will need to keep them fit and healthy. This will vary depending on what kind of dog you have. Dogs that were traditionally bred for working will inevitably require more exercise than smaller “toy” dogs, and you will need to give them ample space to run freely if they are to get all the exercise they need. If you work full time, but you are still adamant that you would like a dog, then you could consider hiring a dog walker to take your pet out in the day time.

Once you have made a decision that your whole family is on board with, you should prepare your home and organise some training. We at Dog School offer our dog training in Surrey, Sutton, Croydon to help you through every step of the training process, and make sure that you have the happy, contented pet that you and your family deserve.