Building Bonds Between Owner and Dog

All dog owners will know that there comes a time in a dog’s life when it becomes difficult to control. The adorable, cheeky puppy jumping on the sofa or attacking the pillows eventually grows into a dog with some serious weight and power behind the same precocious behaviors.
When your dog is becoming a little bit too much to handle it’s time to get a grip on it by taking it to obedience school, where dogs and owners learn how to co-exist in a friendly happy way. Here at the dog school we have the facilities and the trained staff to make us one of the best places to come for dog obedience classes in Surrey.

The aim of dog obedience is not to take all of the life or pep out of your four-legged friend. It’s simply about teaching the dog when is the correct time to unleash the huge amount of energy that they contain. If your dog bolts out the door every time it opens, you can just about catch them and bring them back inside, but they’ll do it again next time because they think it’s a big fun game. Or pulling on the leash during walks is another example of the owner having to physically contain a dog rather than teaching it when it’s appropriate to run about – namely when you get to the park and can let them loose to play fun energetic games with.

The work that we do is specifically designed to be relaxed, enjoyable and friendly. A dog can learn the rules that it needs to do, but it’s important for both the owner and the dog to enjoy doing it so that they’re both happy by the time they go home. A key aspect of the training is confidence; if we can get you to confidently command your dog in a way that lets them know what you expect of them, they will respond to the action. This is because of the unspoken language and displays of status that dogs pick up on very easily as a result of their pack mentality. Here at the dog school we work on developing the bond between owner and dog so that an obedient dog and a happy home come as second nature to both of you.