Boost for Brainy Dog Funding

We all know the saying a dog is a man’s best friend, but for those with neurological conditions a dog can be a lifeline. Brainy Dogs charity is working with their brain injury sufferers giving them a companion that can help them regain their confidence and bring joy into their lives.

Brainy Dogs will plays an important part in helping people who have lost contact with family and friends because of personality changes brought on by their neurological condition. With a brand new grant of £267,000 from the Big Lottery Fund the unique scheme will be able to help more people in need find their perfect canine companion.

The project run by Headway uses the National Lottery Funding to work with prisoners from Hollesley Bay Open Prison to training dogs to become companions for those suffering from brain injuries. The project uses dogs from the Felixstowe Blue Cross rehoming centre, so it not only helps those suffering from brain injuries but also provides a new loving home for rescue dogs.

It is also a welcome opportunity for the prisoners at Hollesley Bay to make a difference in other’s lives in a positive way. At Dog School Ltd we understand fully just how rewarding training a dog can be, so it’s easy to understand why the scheme is popular within the prison.

Chief executive of Headway Helen Fairweather fully backs Brainy Dogs, stating “People tend to lose friends due to a change in personality brought on by their condition, yet they still need to love and be loved.  Dogs fill this gap.  Prisoners involved in the project also find it very rewarding.  They gain knowledge and self worth, meet new people and give back to society for some of the bad things they’ve done.”

If you feel inspired by the work Brainy Dogs are doing for those suffering with neurological conditions and are looking for dog training in Surrey for your own dog, Dog School Ltd can offer you a range of different classes to meet your needs. From basic classes to agility, our experts can offer you help and support when it comes to getting the perfect training from your pooch. For more information on the services we offer don’t hesitate to contact us on 07734 447 812 today.