BGT Puts Dog Training In The Spotlight

If you watched Britain’s Got Talent at the weekend I’m sure that you couldn’t help but notice Pudsey the dancing dog. Six year old Pudsey, along with his handler Asheligh Butler wowed audiences with their routine in which he danced on his back legs before threading through his handler’s and leaping into the air, much to the delight of Simon Cowell who said that it was “one of the best dancing dogs” he’d “ever seen”

Ashleigh, who is just Seventeen has had Pudsey since she was eleven years old and has dedicated most of her spare time to training him, in an interview with the Daily Mail she revealed, “My life is all about Pudsey. All my friends are going out and getting boyfriends and going to clubs, but it’s my choice to stay at home. There are times when I get frustrated because there’s a party and I can’t go because of training but I love it – it’s my life.” – This is something we at Dog School understand too well!

As well as his dancing skills, Pudsey is also an agility champion and Ashleigh travels with him to events all over the country. This has come at a price though, she added, “I’m becoming really unsociable and a bit of a loner. But my friends all understand that I’ve always done activities with my dogs.”

This publicity cannot be a bad thing for the dog training world, and we hope that our dog training classes in Croydon benefit from this wonderful exposure – showing the world just how rewarding owning a well trained dog can be! Here at Dog School we are behind Ashleigh and Pudsey 100% and can’t wait to see them perform again.  We totally commend her absolute dedication to getting the best out of her dog and are seriously impressed.

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