5 Top Tips When Travelling with Your Dog

Exploring new places with your canine companion can be a real delight, but getting there isn’t always the simplest of exercises. Likewise, if you want to take your dog for training in Croydon or to a competition this can involve fairly long journeys. Fortunately, we have five useful tips for you to help you minimise travel stress for you and your dog.

Top 3 Foods/Drinks Your Dog Shouldn’t Eat

Your dog is your favoured companion, great company and your best friend. It may seem harmless and easy to treat your dog to your left-over dinner, a spillage and maybe the odd treat, but there are certain foods and drinks that are a big no-no for your furry friend. We have compiled a list of the top 3 for you to stay clear of to keep your dog in the healthiest condition.

How to Keep Your Dog From Getting Bored

Lack of exercise and mental stimulation can make your dog become very frustrated and bored. A bored dog can develop destructive behaviours and you might find yourself returning home from work and seeing your belongings destroyed. Another sign of boredom is your dog following you around and asking for attention. You might not have the space to adopt another dog to keep your best friend company, but you can change up your routine to make your dog feel less bored.


Does Your Dog Have an Allergy?

Have you noticed your dog scratching more than usual and automatically presumed that a simple flea treatment is needed? You may be wrong. Your dog may have an allergy. Dogs can get allergies as easily as humans can and spotting the correct symptoms can be tricky. Here are a few top tips to keep you in the know:


How to Spoil Your Dog This Christmas

For most of us, our dogs are an important part of the family and we want their festive season to be just as enjoyable as our own. Although we like to make them happy all year round, we want them to have an especially nice time at Christmas, even if they don’t understand what makes it so special.


5 Careers a Dog Can Have

Dogs are truly special animals; they can run at extreme speeds and are one of the few animals that can successfully interpret human communication. In addition to their impressive list of skills and abilities, they have advanced memory skills being able to retain and recall information, such as commands, at any given time. A dog’s capabilities don’t stop there!  Dogs can also make great companions in the workforce; here we list just five possible careers a dog can have.


Which Dog Breed is Best for an Apartment?

When you live in a flat or apartment, it’s not the size of the dog that’s important, but the temperament. The following breeds are all good-natured, loving dogs, making them ideal for apartment living so long as you exercise them once a day. Here’s our shortlist of best breeds for flat dwellers.

golden retriever in agility

Why does my dog…? Five more canine habits explained!

There’s so many unusual things that dogs do that make them dogs! While we can laugh at these funny quirks, it does make you wonder, why on earth do they do that? At Dog School based in Croydon, we’ve seen everything. There’s not much that surprises us about our furry friends anymore. Recently we explained five peculiar canine habits, but there are more! Here’s five other behaviours, and what they mean, to help you understand just what makes man’s best friend tick.

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Do You Love Your Dog More Than You Love People?

There is a reason why dogs are considered as being a man’s best friend, and it’s simply because they are. In fact, we’re pretty sure that most dog owners probably prefer their furry friend to most people they know. Not that they would ever admit it.