Are Dogs Truly Man’s Best Friend? Incredible Things Your Dog Can Sense About You

Since time began there has been an argument about whether it’s better to be a dog person or a cat lover. Whatever side of the coin you fall on, you can’t deny that dogs have a certain loyalty to their human owners that just can’t be matched by any other pet. With today being National Dog Day, we thought it was only fair to honour our amazing furry friends.

If you’re a dog owner, you will know that if you’re ever feeling down, your dog can sometimes provide better comfort than any person. More amazingly, it’s thought that there are lots of other things that your dog can sense about you. Curious? Here is just a list of some of the reasons why our dogs really are a part of our family.

Your Dog Knows When You’re Feeling Sad

As we said earlier, your dog is very aware when you are feeling sad. Your dog will pick up on it and adjust their behaviour to match this. This may be that they also become sad; refusing to play with toys or eat their food.

Your dog will either watch you from a distance, or more often, they will come over and put their head on your lap or curl up next to you. Some dogs will even try to lick away your tears (gross but extremely cute).

Dogs Know When You’re Not Paying Them Attention

Anyone who owns a dog will be able to back up this fact. Dogs are acutely aware when their owners are not paying them attention, and they will adjust their behaviour because of this. A dog, who wants to be petted, will play up if they feel like they aren’t getting any attention.

You might also notice that a dog that is usually well behaved will be tempted to do something mischievous if they are aware they aren’t being watched.

Your Dog Knows When You’re Scared

If you’re ever in a position where you’re feeling scared, your dog will automatically pick up on it. Dogs have sensitive noses which are able to sense subtle scents such as adrenalin. Your dog will associate this with the idea that you’re feeling scared.

Your dog can sense fear, and if you’re feeling scared, your dog will also be encouraged to feel the same. As well as being able to “smell” fear, dogs will also pick up on your body language – they will soon learn what you look like when afraid.

(The exception here is those trained to be guard dogs)

Your Dog Will Know When You Are Taking Them to The Vet

Ahh the dreaded vets! Not a lot of pets like visiting the vets and dogs are no exception. Whilst you might be able to trick another animal into the visit, dogs are very aware of where they are going. When you put them in the car, they somehow know that they aren’t going for a nice stroll in the park.

You might experience them digging their heels in and refusing to enter the building. They might go quiet and refuse to listen to commands.

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