Agility For Beginners

Agility classes are gaining more and more popularity in the UK. Previously misrepresented as a sport only for Border Collies, people are starting to realise that dogs of all breeds, shapes and sizes can take part in this hugely addictive sport!

If your dog has basic levels of obedience and is around six months or older, your dog should meet the basic criteria in terms of strength, co-ordination and stamina to complete a class. You will also need to consider your own fitness, and ensure that you inform your trainer of any ailments or special considerations.

There are loads of reasons to get involved with agility training, particularly if you live in the inner-city or you can’t access rural spaces and parks. Agility classes make it easy for your dog to get all the exercise they need, and give you the chance to bond in the process. As the name would suggest, agility classes will mean that your dog will be in optimum shape and they will also learn increased discipline as they learn to respond to your commands.

Agility classes are generally held in secure fields so that there’s no chance of your dog escaping, meaning that with this fantastic exercise programme, you have enhanced security to boot!

There are a number of different obstacles for your dog to overcome during agility training including:


Long Jump


Sometimes known as a broad jump, this is a set of four or five raised platforms which form an area over which the dog must jump without landing on any of the platforms. The length will be adjusted depending on the height of the dog.




As the name would suggest, this is like a child’s see-saw – a plank over a pivoting fulcrum over which the dog must run


Tube Tunnel


This is a vinyl tube of around 10-20ft long through which the dog has to run and can be moulded into a curve or left straight depending on the intensity and difficulty of the course


Weave Poles


This is a series of 5-12 upright poles through which the dog weaves, entering the first pole on the left. This is one of the most difficult aspects of agility training, and can take a significant amount of time for a dog to master.



Consisting of two broad ramps of around 8ft long forming an A shape, the dog must run over the obstacle.

If you are unsure as to whether your dog meets the criteria for agility classes, then feel free to contact us here at Dog School, where we will be more than happy to talk you through the process, and provide you with further information about our dog training classes in Croydon. Who knows, you might even have a world champion on your hands!

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