Active Pets: Happy Pets

Yesterday I posted a link to this interesting article from the Guardian on our facebook page which got me thinking about the importance of one-to-one training for our dogs, proper socialisation and the commitment required to take care of a dog. People are busy these days – busier than ever – and although many people crave the companionship of a pet, sometimes they don’t quite think through how much effort they will need to put into looking after their pets.

Admittedly, some dogs need more exercise than others, and this is a factor that should be considered before anyone buys a dog. Dogs that were traditionally bred to be working dogs for example, will need lots of space and time to run around and get all the exercise they need to be happy, contented and healthy.

There are things that can be done in order to stave off these behavioural disorders however. At Dog School, we run agility classes which can help your dog to get the exercise they so desperately need as well as the opportunity to spend some dedicated time with you, the owner. Sports such as Flyball and working trials can also be hugely beneficial, particularly for “working” dogs.

We understand that sometimes there may be occasions when you just don’t have the time to take your dogs out which is why we also offer dog walking services, and we are on hand with our dog training classes in Surrey, Sutton and Croydon to guide you through the training process and help you to properly socialise your puppy, as well as give you any additional advice you might need.