A Puppy’s Not Just For Christmas

A puppy is always an adorable addition to the family and the puppy for Christmas tradition is an image of dream-like hope in children checking the Christmas tree for presents with air-holes. So many families this month would have brought in the new year with a new puppy, but now that the festive season is ending, it will become more apparent that you have made a large commitment to responsibility, one that the whole family will have to play their part in.

There are many techniques and good habits that will help you keep control and teach your puppy the right behaviours. For extensive teaching and to build an obedient bond, come to the dogschool for the best puppy training in Surrey. Teaching your puppy properly in several key areas will mean that they will grow into a dog that practices good behaviour as second nature. If you are a first time dog owner, there are many potential problems that could develop that you may not even be aware could happen and it is important to prevent these behaviours because it will be far easier than trying to reverse them.


Biting even in a playful way is something to correct immediately. As a puppy, play biting doesn’t hurt and is almost certainly adorable, but this behaviour cannot be encouraged because it will grow into a dog that bites.
Digging is a natural instinct and can be good for your puppy’s mental development. But you can learn how to encourage your dog to only dig in the areas you want it to rather than all over your lawn or flowerbed.
Stealing is more common than you might expect in puppies and dogs. They will take items of yours or items that they’re not allowed because they receive attention when they do it. Try to keep things out of reach and discourage your puppy from climbing or grabbing. It’s important not to chase after the puppy, but instead to call it and only give it praise and attention when it returns the item.
Socialising with other dogs is something that you might have thought would come naturally to a dog. But it’s important that they learn how to behave around other animals so that they aren’t aggressive when they encounter other dogs on walks.


But if we can help you and your dog to learn the basic techniques that will control these behaviours, you’ll soon find that a puppy is a christmas gift that keeps on giving for years to come.