A Happy Dog is Eager to Learn

When it comes to how dogs behave, it’s important to first look at what motivates them. If you can understand why they do what they do, you can take steps to prevent or correct bad behaviour. If your dog is acting up and being unruly, there’s a very good chance that your dog considers it to be a big game. Your commands will go over their head either because they don’t understand them or don’t respect your authority as the leader of the pack. So you need to assert yourself, but it’s vital that you do so in the correct way to avoid confusing your pet.
If you start shouting at your dog or engage in controlling, aggressive training techniques, you might be able to change its behaviour, but you won’t develop the relationship with your dog that you desire. What you might eventually see is a change in their behaviour through fear or submission, but everyone would prefer to have a dog that behaves because of love and loyalty. This sort of affection can only be developed through sustained playful activity and lessons. Here at the dog school, we create a warm and friendly environment for both owners and dogs that has quickly made our various courses some of the most popular dog obedience classes in Surrey. We can teach you the basic techniques that will help you keep your dog under perfect control along with the knowledge that will let you know why your dog behaves like they do.

We specialise on building a mutual bond between owners and dogs that will have their dogs behaving appropriately out of respect and admiration rather than fear of punishment. This will create a happier home environment as well as save you a lot of unnecessary shouting and stress. Calm confident commands and hand movements are all that are necessary to control dogs of all sizes and these methods can be performed just as effectively in a whisper. At dogschool we make the obedience classes fun for owners and dogs so that the dogs enjoy learning new commands and the owners can teach a happy and well behaved dog.