7 Reasons to Use Security Dogs



A dog is a man’s best friend – especially when the man in question is patrolling a secure area on a dark, wet winter’s night. In this blog, Dog School Ltd presents a quick list of seven reasons to employ the use of security dogs.

1)      When it comes to confronting intruders, a security dog and handler can, effectively, do the work of a five-man security team.

2)      Dogs have an incredible sense of hearing and a powerful sense of smell. They are able to recognize disturbances from a range beyond that detectable by human sensory perception.

3)      The bark of a dog can act as an effective deterrent. Scaring off intruders before a confrontation becomes necessary.

4)      Alarm systems only indicate a disturbance, they are unable to act upon it.

5)      Security dogs have the ability and the desire to protect both their handler and their territory.

6)      Security dogs are trained not to waste motion. The dispatch intruders in a controlled manner. As quickly, effective and humanely as possible.

7)      Many security dogs live with their handlers, re-enforcing the bond between man and beast and creating a genuine sense of companionship.

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