5 Ways Your New Puppy is Like a Toddler

Getting a new puppy is exciting. Whether your partner has finally given into your constant moaning about how much you really, really, need a puppy or you’ve decided that a puppy will be good for the children – it’s still something to look forward to.

However, once you’ve gotten your new furry friend home and you’re attempting to get him settled into the family, you might start to realise something odd. For some reason, your puppy definitely reminds you of a toddler.

Surely caring for a puppy can’t be similar to caring for a young child? As experts in training dogs of every age, we think that you might be in for a shock….

Your Puppy Will Go To The Toilet Anywhere & Everywhere

Yup, just like your child before potty training, your puppy will have no awareness about the right or wrong place to go to the toilet. It doesn’t matter how many times you pick them up and show them the right place to go do their business, they still insist on doing it on your new rug, and your bed, and behind your couch…

Your Puppy With Go Through Teething

Just when you thought you would never have to deal with the awful teething period again, you discover that your puppy will also go through such a period. Unfortunately, when puppies’ teeth, they will try to chomp onto everything they can. This will include; your furniture, your shoes, your possessions and definitely your fingers.

Your Puppy Will Require Constant Praise

You know how you should constantly praise young children when they do something good? Such as eating all their tea or not managing to spill their drink all over your carpet? Well, puppies also need constant praise. When they manage to go in the garden instead of your house? Give them as much praise as possible!

You Will Constantly Be Worried About Them

Puppies need to be watched at all times (just like a toddler) and you’ll be forever worrying about them when you’re not at home. In fact, you probably won’t want to leave them home alone. Even when at home, you’ll be wondering if they need to go outside again, if they’ve eaten enough or eaten too much, or if they are happy. Once you have the answers to these questions, you will soon find other things to panic about.

Your Puppy Will Grow Up Too Quickly

You’ll wake up one day and your puppy will no longer be the cute little furry thing that he once was. Suddenly, your puppy will be a dog. A full sized dog! You’ll still love them the same, but you’ll always look back fondly on the pictures of when they were so small and innocent.

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