5 Top Tips When Travelling with Your Dog

Exploring new places with your canine companion can be a real delight, but getting there isn’t always the simplest of exercises. Likewise, if you want to take your dog for training in Croydon or to a competition this can involve fairly long journeys. Fortunately, we have five useful tips for you to help you minimise travel stress for you and your dog.

Ensure Your Vehicle is Safe

When driving with a dog, is important to bring a travel cage or otherwise secure the back of your car to make sure your dog is secure and won’t distract you while driving. Likewise, cars can become quite hot even while on the road, so be extra mindful of the temperature. Installing blinds for the back of your car can help make this easier.

Make Short Practice Journeys First

New environments can be intimidating for dogs, especially cars or public transport, and you need to make sure they are secure and safe. If you are planning a long journey, its a good idea to make a few short practice trips first, which can give you an early warning of any potential issues such as travel sickness.

Bring Something Familiar

Travel can be stressful for dogs, especially if your dog is travelling in the back of your car and isn’t used to it yet. Things like favourite blankets, sleeping baskets and toys can be excellent for helping your dog relax during your journey.

Be Prepared for an Emergency

With any luck, your journey will go smoothly, but knowing what to do in case your dog becomes ill or goes missing while travelling is a necessity. Make sure you have your vet’s number with you in case of an emergency and make sure your dog is properly identified and, if possible, microchipped.

Bring Plenty of Supplies

Bringing all the things you would normally need to take care of your dog will go a long way towards a smoother journey. Food, water, treats, a spare lead and a towel to clean and dry them before getting back in the car are all important things to have with you.

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