4 Things Only a Dog Owner Will Understand

They say that dogs are a “man’s best friend” and we definitely think that this is correct.  They bring joy and happiness in the short time that they spend with us; touching our hearts in their very own unique way.

However, this special bond between dog and owner is something that a lot of people don’t understand unless they have their own dog. They’re not aware of the impact that our furry friends have on our daily lives.

There are certain things that you’ll only know to be true if you have your own dog, otherwise they will probably remain a mystery.

You Don’t Need An Alarm Clock

All dog owners will know that there is absolutely no need for an alarm clock when you have a dog. If they’re used to you getting up at 7am, then this is the time that they will continue to wake you up – whether you’re attempting to lie in or not.

It could be something as simple as standing over your bed and wagging their tail loudly, or you might find yourself victim to constant pawing and licking. Dogs are extremely aware of time; they ALWAYS know when it’s food time.

You Can’t Mention Certain Words

Bath time. Walk. Lead.

These are all words that should be avoided when in the company of a dog. They don’t care what context that they are being used in; they just know that it means something to them. Words associated with going out for a walk is likely to get them extremely excited (and then extremely disappointed when you don’t take them out).

Bath time is something most dogs seem to dread. Even the mere mention of the word can send your dog into hiding. For a good few hours.

They’re Always Happy to See You

There is nothing better than getting in and being greeted by your very excited dog. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been gone a day, a weekend or a whole two weeks, dogs are always so happy to see you. In fact, you could have nipped outside to pay the pizza delivery man and you’ll still be greeted by an enthusiastic and tail wagging dog!

This is definitely something that cat owners can’t relate to. It’s a good day if a cat even looks in your direction when coming home from a long trip away!

We Really Don’t Mind Them Slobbering All Over Us

If there is one thing that people who don’t own dogs don’t understand, it’s definitely the way that we allow them to slobber all over us. We know where they’ve been but we don’t care. No really, we don’t! We understand that this is how our dogs want to show us affection; it’s true love after all!


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