Security Dog Training Classes in Surrey

Dogs that have been trained properly are friendly to look at but faced with the possibility of threat or danger the dog will react very differently. Barking to ward off the potential threat is the first reaction, if this doesn't work, on the handlers command they will grab the right arm and hold until the command to release is given.

Take away the threat and the dog returns to being friendly.

Our protection training courses normally take 6-8 weeks, the handler will be shown how to control and command the dog in different scenarios. Whether for personal protection or guarding a property, this is a highly skilled service.

An assessment will be given to ensure that your dog is suitable for this type of training.

To enquire or to make a booking please contact us.


"I recently asked Dog School to help train my new puppy which was completely untrained. After the training she is now far better behaved and most importantly house trained! Would recommend to others."

- Mike, Croydon
Dog School News

We are now taking bookings for agility classes starting on 6th April in Carshalton


Even more fun to be had: Classes are now held on the back field at Beddington Park.

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