Basic Dog Training Classes in Surrey

Basic Classes (4 months and above)

  • Owner confidence
    The more confident you are in handling your dog, the better they will respond to you.
  • Walking to heel
    Does your dog pull on the lead on walks? Teach it to walk correctly!
  • Sit & down
    Train your dog to sit or lay down on command. Essential for developing control and obedience.
  • Staying
    Teach your dog to stay when you answer the door without worrying about your four-legged friend bolting!
  • Body language
    Learn to read your dog’s behavior and develop the right body language for effective commands.
  • This 6 week course helps you to gain more confidence with your dog.
  • You will learn the basic commands of dog training.

  Basic training classes for dogs


"I recently asked Dog School to help train my new puppy which was completely untrained. After the training she is now far better behaved and most importantly house trained! Would recommend to others."

- Mike, Croydon
Dog School News

We are now taking bookings for agility classes starting on 6th April in Carshalton


Even more fun to be had: Classes are now held on the back field at Beddington Park.

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